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Spanish Invites?

Good Afternoon!

So here's my question. My fiance is from El Salvador. We are only send maybe 3-4 invitations actually to El Salvador, and

the rest will be sent to family and friends that are here in the United States. Is it perfectly rude of my to only send english invitations?

I know that at least one person in each house hold speaks Spanish, and it makes it much more expensive to order seperate

invites and Save-the-dates in different languages, and in less quantity for each. Should I suck it up and spend the extra money?

Or should I go ahead and just send english invites? Please help!






Re: Spanish Invites?

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    Gah! At least one person in each house speaks ENGLISH! They all speak spanish.
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    well the whol situation is kind of new for everyone. We are the first ones in the family to have a real, big wedding. most everyone in their family just heads to the courthouse. He's not sure either. I just don't want to look like the inconsiderate white girl who didnt send spanish invites.


    we are including a lot of their culture and traditions in the reception though.

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                       I think you should bite the bullet and get some in Spanish. Not so much because it's necessary, but because I think it's a good investment in your future relationships with them.They will be your family too, KWIM?  Especially if any of them are elderly-they're the ones least likely to be able to read English and are also likely to be the ones who will really like to receive the invitation(I'm basing this this on my older relatives) as a keepsake.
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    CMGr said:
    There are bi-lingual invitations that are in both English and Spanish.  These are often used by people who invite guests from both cultures.  Usually the English is on the right and the Spanish is on the left.  Most major invitation companies carry a line of these invitations.  Here is a moderately priced one:
    Dang, you beat me to it.

    If you don't like the above, my suggestion would be to have certain lines of the invitation done in both languages. For example, if your normal font is not italicized, then have the Spanish translation immediately below in italics, like this:

    Request the honor of your presence
    Piden el honor de su presencia

    You don't have to do every line, but the most important ones might be nice. We did this for our wedding out of personal preference - our English-speaking guests loved it, with many of them commenting on what a beautiful addition the Spanish was. Plus, then you're accommodating both languages without having to pay for two sets of invitations.
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    Could you print your own invitations at home to send to the relatives in El Salvador?  You could pick up one of the kits at Michael's and print them with the same wording, just in Spanish.
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    We did send invites in Spanish and English as DH has family in Chile.  We had to order in batches of 10, and we needed 9 to go to Chile, so we just ordered 1 batch with different wording (Spanish) on them.  Most of the household do have someone who spoke English, but we felt it would be a nice gesture to send them in Spanish anyway.  They were the exact same invite with the same wording, just written in Spanish

    How much is more expensive to send them??  Can you talk to your invite person??

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