April 2014 Weddings

What wedding planning are you doing right now?

We're 9 months away from April 2014 come Monday. What planning have you done, what are you currently doing, and what haven't you done yet?

I have:
Purchased my dress
Secured my venue
Found a caterer
Selected colors
started to piece together the wedding party

I am:
Working out the menu with the caterer
Taking notes on songs
Pinning away
Working out (as is my fiance)

I haven't:
Looked for a DJ
Looked for an officient
Looked for a florist
Taken engagement photos
Sent out 'save the dates'
Found stationary
Or a million other things

I go between feeling like I'm ahead to feeling like I'm behind depending on the day.


Re: What wedding planning are you doing right now?

  • I have my reception/ceremony booked and half paid for. My dj is booked, photo/video booked and paid for. My dress is ordered and hotel rooms are blocked.
    Next on my list is to book my honeymoon and get my bridesmaids dresses.
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    • Booked the church and asked our preacher to officiate
    • Booked the reception which includes catering & alcohol
    • Booked the photographer & set a date for engagement pictures
    • Booked the videographer
    • Booked the band
    • FI's family has booked the rehearsal dinner
    • Started our bridal registry at 3 stores
    • Asked our bridal party
    • Blocked hotel rooms
    • Talked with two florists but am still unsure about flowers
    • Priced invitations
    • Decided on a honeymoon

    Next up is going to look for the dress. I want to lose 5 lbs before making that appointment though :)

  • aleykit42514aleykit42514 member
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    I have:

    **booked a venue

    **found my dress/tiara

    **found an officiant (my uncle)

    **found a photographer (my future MIL; she is a semi-retired photographer)

    **taken engagement pictures (we got ours done early since we took them on the beach and near some sand dunes)

    **selected a color scheme/theme

    **booked a DJ

    **decided on a honeymoon

    **organized our wedding party (MOH/BM, etc)

    **purchased our flower girls' flower baskets, our ring bearer's pillow, and guest book (I found them on sale at a local party supply/craft store)

    **decided on what style of dress I want my bridal party to wear

    **selected our first dance song


    There is still so much to do!

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  • SBminiSBmini member
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    Wow, I suddenly feel very far behind! I've asked my fiance to help with the DJ, so he's going to start looking for one. His sister knows a photographer that I really like too. Our next trip back home for wedding planning is in mid August, we're going to meet with the caterer then, and hopefully a DJ and photographer as well.
  • I got my dress on Saturday and then booked the venue yesterday and ordered Save the Dates today. I am currently browsing online for shoes but not having  much luck. I am on a roll but far behind as we only got engaged 3 weeks ago.
  • I have booked the church as well as the reception site which also includes catering/alcohol. I have booked the photographer and videographer and we are taking our engagement pics this Saturday! A couple weeks ago I found THE dress. We are planning on blocking off hotel rooms next, doing our STD's, and booking the DJ :)
  • I have my dress and the flowers for the men's vests. Waiting to hear back from our wedding and reception location (same place). We have chosen our bridal party and I have picked out the style bridesmaid dress. I've booked a photographer but haven't paid yet (daughter is getting 1st bday pics made in August and we will talk then about prices). Future fil Is our officiant and family is cooking. I have chosen a hairstyle I think will be perfect but pretty sure someone in the family will object so I'm trying different styles. I have chosen the flowers I want but have not purchased any. I feel like I haven't done anything!
  • Booked our church for ceremony, reception, caterer and with alcohol, photographer, dj, picked wedding party, scheduled our engagement pictures.

    I haven't gotten my dress yet. Trying to save for one that is 2400 lol. Was way out of my budget. 
  • And I just ordered all of our floral arrangements/bouquets/centerpieces the other day. :)

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  • And I just ordered all of our floral arrangements/bouquets/centerpieces the other day. :)

    I am jealous! I was turned down to do that because of it being too early for them,.
  • SBminiSBmini member
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    Just ordered sample invitations :) I don't feel like I can get flowers until after I have my bridesmaid dresses sorted out. So I'll probably start that after November.
  • We're having ours at a hotel so that covers the venue, caterer, and room blocks. I've also booked the DJ and photographer, and have met with a florist I really like but am still waiting for the official quote. I also just bought my dress and veil last week! I'm currently working on bridesmaids/flower girl dresses and looking at invitations. I feel like I've got a good start but my fiance keeps pointing out things we need to do! 
  • A little late to the party, but I've booked the ceremony & reception venue. The food looks amazing! We also have a photographer and a DJ and I bought my dress. We just booked the officiant last week and have started on centerpieces and favors (these are both DIY and in very early stages)

    We had our engagement pics scheduled but had to reschedule because I was sick. We're going to do them either in August or October and use a pic from our vacation for the save the dates (that's probably our next thing to do)
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  • SecBkaSecBka member
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    We just moved our date up from 10-25-14 to 4-12-14. So I am in a panic- (we did this 3 days ago) I had nothing now I have
    -found the venue
    -planned the cake(mil is doing it)
    -found my dress (waiting father approval)
    -planned the food (mil again- it's her gift)
    -colors set
    - bm dress shopping date
    - wedding party selected
    - photographer pending contract
    - honeymoon picked out

    I feel like I'm so far behind and trying to get everything together and paid for.
  • ohmrs2014ohmrs2014 mod
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    We have:
    - Venue booked (includes food, just need to finalize menu in January, also includes cake)
    - DJ booked
    - Photographer booked
    - Wedding Party selected
    - Wedding Dress and accessories paid for
    - Makeup artist found and booked
    - Colors set and Theme picked out and finalized
    - Florist booked
    - Deposit paid on Invitations
    - Sent the Save the Dates
    - Officiant booked
    - Registries started at 2 stores

    Next up:
    - Hotel Room blocks towards the end of the month
    - Tuxes before the end of the year (to lock in 2013 prices)
    - Design invites in October/November
    - Pick readings for ceremony
    - Finalize Wedding Music
    - Figure out our mini-moon and honeymoon plans

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  • My dress came in today!
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  • SBminiSBmini member
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    That's so exciting Mary! 

    Bridesmaid dress appointment has been made today and I've spoken with two photographers, I have two more to contact. Room blocks have been narrowed down to two hotel choices. Catering sampling has been set up. All of these things will be decided when we go home in August.

    Fiance has still not started to take his task of finding a dj seriously. No movement there.
  • Hi all,

    I have the wedding pretty much planned. It took me just under a month. I've always been decisive and organised. The only things left are the things that I just don't care about like
    - Flowers - I have the florist booked but I haven't picked the flowers yet
    - Table decorations - I figure I'll make some table runners and put some candles out and call it good
    - Shoes - my BM is picking them. I don't care, she does.
    - Transport - We are just going to book a nice cab company
    - Signs, etc - Like a seating chart.
    - Honeymoon - I care about this but we don't know what we can afford yet

    The FI is taking care of his attire and his WPs attire. I said if they turn up in nothing because he didn't organise anything then so be it.

    I've got
    • Venue (including catering)
    • Photographer - Engagement photos are this weekend
    • Dress
    • Veil - picked out, we can purchase closer to the time
    • Invitations
    • STDs are sent
    • Preliminary seating arrangement
    • Wedding party
    • Make up and hair
    • Wedding rings
    • Celebrant
    • Favours
    • Cake

    Whew, I've probably left something off the list!

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  • I have:-Booked a venue (includes catering & cake)-Found my dress/veil-Booked an officiant; ceremony layout complete-Booked a photographer/videographer (nixed engagement photos)-Booked ceremony/reception musicians and selected our first dance song-Selected a color scheme/theme-Organized our wedding party
    -Hotel rooms blocked
    -Sent STD's with wedding website

     Still need to:
    -Book a Florist (getting pricing now)
    -Buy Shoes
    -Figure out honeymoon
    -Find bridesmaid dresses
    -Figure out grooms attire
    -Find ceremony/reception accessories
    -To order favours
    -To purchase wedding rings
    -Make up & Hair
    -Choose music for ceremony/reception
    -Design stationary but at least have 1 person doing all of it

    And I feel like there is soooo much more to do ;-)
  • I have:

    -purchased my dress (a few days ago)
    -picked out venue and paid deposit & some payments (last year)
    -obtained a photographer who took our engagement photos already & is halfway paid off (last year)
    -signed a contract with the florist (2 months ago)
    -signed a contract with the dj/lighting (few months ago)
    -ordered our cake (was a part of the venue package but we chose design - last month)
    -our custom cake topper is almost paid off (last year)
    -asked my bridal party (way TOO soon)
    -arranged my hair and bridesmaids hair for the wedding day (few months ago)

    I am now:
    -starting to look into accessories for my wedding day atire
    -looking into accessories for my wedding
    -encouraging my fiance to ask his groomsman

    I have to:
    -hire a videographer
    -find a makeup artist for bridesmaids
    -order save the dates/invitations
    -figure out bridesmaid dresses
    -figure out groom & men attire
    -figure out favors for wedding

    It's still 9 months away but I feel like I have alot done. I got engaged May 2012 so I had quite a long time to research things. :)
  • I picked up my dress yesterday. I am happy its so much whiter than my pictures which makes me really happy. The lighting in the store made it seem kinda champagne colored instead of ivory when I took the pics when I ordered it . I love it more than I remember.
    I bought a bracelet too :)
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  • wiki8wiki8 member
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    We have:
    Done engagement pictures
    Send STDs
    Booked ceremony and reception
    Booked photographer
    Ordered invites
    Bought my dress
    Booked DJ, lighting, photo booth
    Decided on favors
    Made table numbers
    Ordered bridesmaids dress
    Booked hair and make up
    Chosen who will do out cake and flowers.. No details yet
    Ordered invitations
    Blocked hotel rooms

    We need to:
    Find an officiant
    Choose cake and flower details
    Find my accessories and a good bra to wear
    Get party gifts
    I know there are so many other small things to do...
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  • SBminiSBmini member
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    Man, some of you guys have done so much! I'm spreading my planning out. Right now I'm working on securing photographer, florist, hotel block, dj, finalizing the menu and getting bridesmaid dresses. 

    Once all that is taken care of, I plan on securing a vendor for dessert (I have simple plans, may just go with a grocery store), officiant (leaning towards having a friend perform the ceremony), invitations (still have NOT found one I like!), engagement photos. As the day gets closer, I plan to work on additional decorations and odds and ends. 
  • I booked my honeymoon and paid for most of it. We are going to Disney World!
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  • We have done

    engagement pictures
    booked church
    booked photographer
    booked videographer
    booked dj
    booked venue
    dress/veil has been ordered
    save the dates ready to be mailed
    bridal party asked--well most of the bridesmaids hubby is still procrastinating on the groomsmen
    makeup artist booked

    still need to
    book limos
    book florist
    bridal party gifts
    wedding favors
    order bridesmaid dresses
    buy shoes
    pick out my accessories
    choose cake flavor and design

  • alyssagm said:
    I have booked the church as well as the reception site which also includes catering/alcohol. I have booked the photographer and videographer and we are taking our engagement pics this Saturday! A couple weeks ago I found THE dress. We are planning on blocking off hotel rooms next, doing our STD's, and booking the DJ :)
    We booked our DJ, blocked off rooms for our guests, and STD's are going out this weekend.  
    Oh, and I found my shoes! :-)
    Next up, limo and flowers!
  • My maid of honor just orderee her dress. I have settled on color and fabric for my other girls. They just have to go order ones they like.
    I bought favor boxes for my favors. I cant by the candy to put in them yet because I dont want them to go bad.
    Whats left:
    Gifts for BP
    Booking flights for honeymoon
    Alterations for my dress.
    Hair, make up, and shoes
    Then I am done :)
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  • I found a florist that I love! I am gonna put my deposit for her in a few days :)
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  • So far we've done these things:
    • Decided on wedding colors
    • Chose our bridal party
    • I said yes to the dress! (and also have my veil)
    • Got jewelry for my girls to wear the day of
    • Chose bridal party dresses
    • Booked a lot of vendors: (venue, JOP, photographer, videographer, dj, makeup artist
    • Made our registry 
    • Had our engagement shoot done and sent out save the dates (I also got my makeup trial done on the same day)
    • Decided on, and booked our honeymoon
    • Got our invitations
    • Got wedding favors
    • Got our cake topper(s)
    • Got our cake server/toasting flutes
    • Got our card holder
    Still need to:
    • Put a deposit on our florist
    • Do cake tasting (our venue provides the cake as well)
    • Tuxes
    • Figure out what we want to do for the rehearsal dinner
    • Figure out hair
    • Decide on shoes for myself, as well as under the dress essentials
    There's probably tons of things I'm forgetting to put down that I've done, or that I still need to do, but this is what I can think of right now!!

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  • I have:
    • secured venue and church
    • hired photographer
    • hired DJ
    • picked out my cake and hired pastry chef
    • Ordered bridesmaid dresses
    • Ordered Suits
    • Ordered Bouquets
    • Hired makeup artist
    • Purchased my dress
    • blocked off hotels
    • chose wedding party
    • Hired caterer
    I need to:
    • find a hairdresser
    • hire limo service
    • pick out centerpieces 
    • find chair covers
    • write vows
    • pick out my accessories
    • purchase wedding party gifts
    • order invitations
    • seating chart
    • register
    ...I feel like I am forgetting a lot 
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