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NWR: Mother's Day gift ideas?

Hey guys. So Mother's Day is coming up soon. What are you planning on getting your mom? I send flowers every year, but I'm kind of getting bored with that. 
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Re: NWR: Mother's Day gift ideas?

  • mdphdmdphd member
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    I always send flowers, too, or an edible arrangement.

    But last year I got my mom some stuff she could use for running (her major hobby) and it was a huge hit.  Maybe something that goes with a hobby she has?
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    Since Mother's Day is the day after my wedding, I wanted to get my Mom something awesome. But, I have zero idea of what. At the wedding, we are giving a single flower to each mother in the room and saying something nice about our Moms. I'd like to give both moms something nice then, but I'm afraid of them losing it... so... I'd give it to her on Sunday, but I still don't know what.
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    The only item I will not compromise on...my bouquet of all purple tulips wrapped in a swatch from my Mom's wedding dress.
  • MRadsMRads member
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    I'm going in with my dad and two sisters (plus my FI and two bils) to get my Mom a remote car starter.  My car came with one and my Mom is so jealous of it.  I'm so excited to give it to her.

    Other than that...yea, I usually don't know what to do.  Apparently when we were little my dad got my mom a vacuum cleaner...that didn't go over too well.  Once I took my Mom to Sheetz (I was like 9 and it was the only place in town).  We go to baseball games, but again, I don't think that's so much for my Mom.

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    I keep getting emails from Vera Bradley - they always have the BEST stuff in their sale section.  So maybe I'll get someting cute there, like a tote or make up bag, and fill it with goodies. 

    Jewelry and clothes are always good back-ups but I feel like my mom gets that stuff for every single birthday and Christmas present.

    Gift cards for a nice restaurant and/or flowers are always a good option, too... I'll probably send some to my mom that day since I won't be in town that weekend.

    I, too, am open for more suggestions!

  • JamieK1882JamieK1882 member
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    I bought my mom a pair of Steeler crocs since my cat chewed hers lol
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    A few Christmas's ago, I got my mom a Pandora bracelet.  This was great for two reasons: 1) she loves it and loves getting new charms  2) now I am never lacking in gift ideas for her!  Last mother's day was a mom/heart charm.  You could start this if she likes jewelry!
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    I am getting my mom a gift certificate for a mani/pedi.  My brother is graduating college on Mother's day, and then they're going to Disney.  I figure she could use a little pampering before the trip :)
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