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Mother Daughter Dance

Hello All!

Only a couple months to go for me and I wanted to see what people thought about a mother/daughter dance at the reception? I lost my biological dad at 13 and my stepfather of 25 years in April of this year. I know there are really no rules anymore, but just wanted to get a feel how it would be taken. I suppose it doesn't matter if that's what I want. The only thing that would be awkward is I'm 5'9 and my mother is 5'2 1/2...haha. Maybe she could dance on my feet ;) I like the song "Daughter" by Loudon Wainwright. Not cheesy or overly emotional, but it sums up our relationship very well. 


Re: Mother Daughter Dance

  • I think it's a lovely way to honor your mother and it'll be taken just fine.

    Hope your wedding is awesome!


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    My dad and I are close but I couldn't have a father/daughter dance because my dad is in a wheelchair. I danced with my mom. I'm 5'4; 5'8 in heels and my mom is 4'11. We only danced for the first half of the song though.
  • We planned on a dad & daughter dance, but at the last minute my 80-something dad couldn't because of pain. So, my mom got up and danced with me. Yes, I was in my 50's at my first wedding, LOL.

    It's fine. Don't worry about heights. Choose a song you both like and enjoy the moment.

  • It will be lovely (as long as you mother is comfortable with it too). I would worry about the height difference at all. You will get a lot of "awws" I'm guessing :-)
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  • I think this is an awesome idea! I was thinking about just dedicating a song to my mom and perhaps dancing with her at some point through out the reception because I love the song "mama's song" by Carrie Underwood :-)
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