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New Hampshire

Promises to Keep vendor package

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I am just starting to look at venues on-line and so far my #1 pick is Promises to Keep. One of my friends got married there a long time ago and said it was wonderful and all the reviews I have read have been positive. Has anyone had their wedding there and have any feedback?

I'm wondering if the vendor package they offer is worth the money or will I end up paying more in upgrade charges if the packages the vendors offer do not provide many choices. Has anyone used the vendor package and if so, was there a variery of options with the cake, flowers, linens ets? Also the photographer inclued is Dan Doake photography, any feedback on them?

Thank you!

Re: Promises to Keep vendor package

  • I have not had a wedding there, but I have been to many weddings there.

    From a guest perspective, the main reason to get married there is the absolutely gorgeous outdoor wedding area that they have. It's really very pretty.  Nice space inside. Overall, everything seems to be fairly well coordinated and they have multiple functions at once with no issue.

    Of all the weddings I've been to, I remember the food being mediocre. It's not bad, it's just sufficient. It would not have prevented me from booking there.

    Regarding packages: I've always been able to get a better deal without them and appreciated customizing for myself because my experience isn't really that I like the first person I meet for every thing. However, a package was the reason my best friend booked her wedding venue because she doesn't have the time or emotion available to dedicate to picking all of those and appreciated having it done for her.

    I have heard positive things about Dan Doke over the past several years.

    I personally really do not like Jacques Cakes but many people have a great experience with them.

    Get Down Tonight DJ has a good reputation.

    I have no reference for the others listed in their package

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  • I'm actually getting married there later this year! I did end up going with the vendor packages primarily because it made it easier on me since I'm very limited on how long I can plan.


    I will say that with Jacques, unless you want to pay an extra fee, you can only choose from the classic cakes that they offer. I'm not sure what the fee is to upgrade, but chances are we will (FI really enjoyed one of the cakes out of the offered package.

    With the DJ package, you can choose from any of the DJs for the same price. Their individual pricing is based off of how much experience they have, but if you choose one of the cheaper ones, you may be paying more than if you'd get hem outside of the package.

    For the flowers, if you aren't doing the everything included (platinum?) package, it's just centerpieces. I'm not doing flower centerpieces, but Ford Flowers has agreed to provide the bouquets up to the price of what the centerpieces would be and then I pay whatever the difference is if it's over.

    I'm not going with the photographer or videographer, so I can't say much about those. But judging on the photos around the office, they're very good.

    The food is okay. When you go for a tasting, they only let you try the chicken entrees, simply because they have a lot of them.

    All in all, I would recommend the venue. They're very accommodating, but they will do two parties at once though, and will have up to four weddings a day. While the venue doesn't have a venue fee, they do have a food minimum price (which, if you have night wedding, the 7000$ minimum is hit with 110 guests), and a 600$ ceremony fee which adds 30 minutes to the 5 hour reception time. They're also super nice. I've changed my rehearsal time about ten times (my aunts like to make EVERYTHING difficult...) and they've never seemed annoyed. I also call with the stupidest questions (like, how big is the mirrored glass for the centerpieces if I choose to use it?). The only thing I do not like is that you cannot arrive more than an hour and a half prior to your ceremony time, but given the fact that the room could be in use by another party, its understandable.

    In regards to the package, I honestly think that you could find something slightly more budget friendly than what they provide. You aren't set in stone for whatever you choose until about a month beforehand, so you are able to reserve the packages and then change your mind later on if you so desire. Although either way, I'm pretty sure they don't allow outside catering for their food (excep cake).

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  • Thank you for your feedback, I appreciate it!
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