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Happy Friday!

Hey Ladies!!

Any good plans this weekend?  I am hoping my boss says "go home" in the next few minutes, I am eager to start my weekend after having a crazy work week!

Tonight I plan to finally watch magic mike, in my jammies with a nice bottle of wine!  Was supposed to watch it tomorrow with some friends at a grown up sleep over (we all haven't seen it yet) but the girl who's house we were going to stay at had something come up, go figure.  Tomorrow I have a house warming in the late afternoon (just showing face for an hour or two) and hopefully a date night out with DH...Sunday helping my mom with some errands.  Oh, and I can't forget our weekly brunch with mimosas on Saturday!

Have a great weekend!
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Re: Happy Friday!

  • I'm leaving work in about a half hour. Then going home to .... work. Ick. Big deployment this weekend so I'll have to at least be logged in all weekend. 

    I'm hoping to watch Pitch Perfect, catch up on some cleaning and maybe have a glass or two of wine tonight if work goes ok and I don't have to deal with any issues.
  • I am working on Saturday and then on Sunday I have off work so Peadar and I may see a movie in the AM.  If you go to the theater before 12 or 1 you get tickets for 6.50 a piece!  so besides that nothing planned but the usual! 
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  • Sara- I've been having wine all weekend!

    Amber- That's good for your matinee movie tickets! Our matinee cost$8 or $9...full price is about $12 to $15 depending on if you want IMAX or 3D...CRAZY prices!  I definitely am choosy with the movies I watch in the theatre, although DH LOVES going to the movies, always matinee though, since less people go at that time :-)
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