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Our venue allows us to provide our own alcohol. It's a huge money saver but I have a few questions. 

We looked up how much we need of everything. In regards to wine, it's "X" bottles of red and "X" bottles of white. Do we pick one type of each or have a variety? If we do several different wines do we alter how much and how do I figure that out?

Can/should we still have signature cocktails? We're having basic hard liquors and mixers so I was thinking something special/unique.

We're also having serve yourself punch, iced tea and lemonade, and galvanized steel tubs (rustic wedding) with ice for bottles of soda and beer (sodas will be grab and go beer will be opened by bar staff. We have 6-8 guests in the 13-20 age bracket that I worry about maybe getting a hold on an adult beverage how do we ensure their safety? 

Also any other tips you can offer, thanks.

Re: DIY Bar

  •  That's definitely a bonus that your venue lets you supply your own alcohol! (Definitely a $ saver)!

     I personally wouldn't offer more than 1 type of white/red wine. I don't think I've been to a wedding that has offered a variety, nor have experienced someone asking for a different type of wine than what is offered. Most guests generally ask for red or white, not a 'pino grigio' or 'shiraz,' for example. Everyone will just be happy there's wine! :)

     I think a personalized cocktail is a fun idea! It's not something that's mandatory, but is definitely a fun addition to your liquor options! You could have a fun martini or cocktail to go with your wedding colours, or maybe your FI and your favourite flavour? It's a neat way to get creative! :)

     If there are staff opening beer, and I'm assuming serving your liquor, I would also assume they'll make sure to not serve anyone underage. Is the punch alcoholic? Or is it something that you can add to your liquor? Regardless, I would talk with the staff to ensure nothing is served to minors. If you're providing your own liquor, I'd think you will also need to provide your own liquor license. Whoever signs that liquor license will be liable for anyone potentially consuming alcohol. So, you'll definitely want to cover your bases to ensure the proper precautions are made! 

  • If you want to offer a variety of wine, I would leave it to 2 red and 2 white, or a red, white and blush.  That way you could have something a little sweeter, and something more dry.  If you don't have a ton of wine drinkers, leave it to one of each.  

    In my experience, a signature cocktail is common where you aren't serving a full bar of liquors, but rather a single liquor option paired with beer and wine.  That isn't to say you shouldn't do one, but that it isn't necessary.  Since you are doing full liquor, I would offer the signature cocktail as either a punch or something that goes in those pretty dispensers so that people will see it.  

    Since you only have a handful of guests that are under 21, I would just bring it to the attention of the venue staff.  They'll know how to handle it and how to card people.  You can trust that the younger of that group (e.g. under 17) will have parents there who will chaperon also.  
  • I would suggest having 2 red and 2-3 white if you have a lot of wine drinkers.  I (personally) have never ordered just a white wine at a bar or wedding - I always specify.  Most weddings I've been to have a variety of wine - only reason I remember is because I don't usually like chardonnay which tends to be the go-to white wine option.  I don't think there is any harm in offering a variety.  A lot of places let you return unopened bottles as well.  Trader Joes has tons of cheap wine!
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    We are only having a merlot and a chardonnay.  Offering multiple red/white is not necessary.  I also wouldn't worry about a signature cocktail if you're providing liquor.
  • if you offer only one red make it a cabernet sauvignon or pinot noir-they're more commonly accepted than a merlot (which a lot of people don't like) and do the same with white-pinot grigio and a chardonnay. while i'm a red drinker if i have a glass of while it's only an unoaked chardonnay. please give options. you can also offer a rose if you'd like.

    you dont have to offer a signature coctail but you can if you want to.


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