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Who ranks highest in the wedding invite hierarchy for children?

Hi!  We were initially planning to have an adults-only wedding, but have been toying with the idea of inviting some kids.  My nephew will be the ring bearer (age 2), and is the only child that will definitely be at the wedding.  I also have a god son (age 7), and I think his parents are expecting an invite.  Thing is, if I invite my god child, I think my fiancee's parents will have a problem with his eight second cousins (ages 2-10) not being invited.

Would it be terrible if I don't invite my godson?  On the other hand, if I do, there will be two kids invited on my side, and none on my fiancee's side.  Do I then have to invite all of the second cousins?

Appreciate the help!

Re: Who ranks highest in the wedding invite hierarchy for children?

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    I think it's fine to invite your godson but not the legion of second cousins. Your fiancé should probably talk to his family about that, though.
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    I think it would be find to invite your godson but not the second cousins. However, who's paying for the wedding? If your FMIL is, she might insist on the 2nd cousins. 
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    I think 2 years old (if that will be his age at the wedding) is too young for a ring bearer.  But I don't think you have to invite your godson or any other kids.
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    We are ONLY having a ring bearer (FH son) and maybe my one OOT BM's son.  
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    We are only inviting a few kids that we are close to.
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    We are inviting my niece/nephew, my fiancee's nephew, and three of my fiancee's second cousins (ages 13, 15, 18). They are all children that we are incredibly close with. However, there are a lot of other children on both sides of the family that we are NOT inviting, basically because we just know of their existence, but we do not actually know any of them. Our ceremony doesn't start until 630pm, and dinner won't be served until almost 8pm (after cocktail hour, our entrance, and first dance), so it isn't really a kid friendly event anyway. 

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