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Where can I get a backless/strapless bra

Hi all,

My first post, so hello to everyone. I received my bridal gown recently, and my wedding is in 10 weeks (yay!), but I had forgotten how exposed my back is when I'm in the dress, so I definitely will be unable to wear a strapped bra. Does anyone have any recommendations for good backless and strapless bras? I have looked online, but it is so confusing. I have seen bras which glue to the side... but these scare me! Are there any alternatives??

Re: Where can I get a backless/strapless bra

  • I'd see if getting cups sewn into the dress is an option. Consult a seamstress. 

    I personally have yet to have a good experience with the stick-on bras. 
  • I have 34dd chest size and am also wearing a backless bra. my seamstress had me bring in a normal bra with straps and a back that i was comfortable in and she cut it and stiched it into the dress. Nothign shows but it is so supportive it feels just like i have a bra on. I would deff go that route. you dont want to be worrying about your chest or being uncomfortable. It wasnt that expensive either since you supply the bra it was like an extra $30.
  • Thanks for the tips! I love the idea of having the seamstress sew in the bra to the dress, I plan to see her in the next few weeks and may go this route for sure! :)
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