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We are having some concerns regarding our guests attire. We have heard feedback (mainly from the future mother in law )that guests will be dressing "casually" because it is a barn wedding. It is actually an evening wedding at The Golden Lamb Buttery, which is a classy restaurant located in a barn. On a regular basis they have a preferred dress code of Jacket and tie for dinner. It is not black tie but it is also not jeans and a t shirt. How do we inform the guests that cocktail party attire is preferred without offending them?

Re: Dress code etiquette

  • Do they request the same attire of your guests that they do of regular dinner guests?

    If so, I'd put a note on the reception card, "jacket and tie requested by venue"

    I'd also put a link to their website on an enclosure card as well and if you have a wedding website, out their website there as well.

    I LOVE that place but I haven't been since Jimmy and Bob Booth passed away. That will be a gorgeous wedding!!

    One last thing: talk up the venue to wedding guests. It's rather unique so those who don't know about it may want to learn a bit.
  • can u put on your invites semi formal reception to follow or dinner and dancing to follow that usualy sets the tone for a more dresser reception
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