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VENUE EMERGENCY! (also kind of a vent, sorry)

My fiancé and I booked our August 10, 2013 wedding at the Blue Moon Barn and Covered Bridge in Greensburg, PA back in February.

Today I got a call from the owner of the barn. He is being sued by Hempfield township for improper zoning of his barn. (There is an article in the Trib about it also). The property is zoned residential because he lives on the land. His neighbors have complained, and today they went to court. I guess this has been going on for a while. Whenever we signed our contract, he was under an appeal so legally he was allowed to keep doing whatever he was doing. 

Long story short, he is not sure if we are going to be able to have our wedding at his barn, which is in 43 days.

Actually, he has a wedding there tomorrow (Saturday) that almost didnt happen, but in court today they gave him the okay for just that one wedding. He goes back to court on July 8 so that the judge can hear testimony from witnesses, etc. So until then, we are in limbo.

The good news (believe it or not) is that his brother owns a wedding place in Irwin called The Country Place (?). It's not nearly as nice as the barn, but he said we could keep our date and pay the same price to have our wedding there. I am not thrilled about this, but at least we will have a wedding.

However, I am just so extremely frustrated. I LOVE the Blue Moon Barn and the outdoorsy setting. It was exactly what I had envisioned for my wedding. I am trying so hard to focus on the important things - getting family together, marrying an amazing man - but this is so so so frustrating. 

I know this will be an extreme long shot, but I am trying to see if there are any other options out there. If anyone has any venue ideas in the Pittsburgh area that will allow outside catering/alcohol and let us in for $3000 or less, I would greatly appreciate it.


Re: VENUE EMERGENCY! (also kind of a vent, sorry)

  • Ugh!! I'm so sorry. I feel absolutely horrible for you! What a nightmare. :( At least you have a backup. They should really give you a good bit...if not all...of your money back for this! 

    Now I do remember a place that I looked into when I was planning my wedding last year. If I remember correctly it costs $1000 to reserve and allows outside catering/alcohol. The reception venue is the barn and the ceremony would be outdoors. The downside is I don't think there is an indoor alternative in the event of rain...I'm not sure if your original venue had that or not. Also, obviously I'm not sure if they'll be open at short notice. However, here is the link... The website doesn't give a ton of information but the man I spoke with on the phone was very helpful.

  • I found this place as well. BUT...I can't tell you any information about it. It looks really nice on the website and it has the outdoorsy barn setting. But I can't tell you anything about price or their catering policies. 

  • What about the barn at fallingwater or Christian klay winery? I checked into destiny hill a while ago and it was very expensive...just FYI. I'm so sorry to hear about your troubles. I can't even imagine. I wish the court could let him at least finish up with his weddings booked for this summer!
  • bertyberty member
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    Destiny Hill is nice.

    I've been to weddings there.

    I think they make you have a valet.

    But you can bring any caterer you want and I'm pretty sure you can do whatever you want for alcohol as well because one I went to there just had boxed wine and two kegs and no liquor.


  • Curious - whatever happened with the blue moon barn?
    can they have weddings now or.. ?
    I couldn't find any news articles
  • bkress426 said:
    Curious - whatever happened with the blue moon barn?
    can they have weddings now or.. ?
    I couldn't find any news articles
    As far as I know, it's still shut down.
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