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Crowne PLaza, Fairfield, NJ for Wedding Room Blocks

Has anyone used the the Crowne Plaza in Fairfield, NJ for their block of wedding rooms recently? I liked this hotel the best out of the others in the area, but I have heard some mixed reviews about the service and accommodations. Any tips from Brides or guests who have stayed their for weddings will help! I have to get ready there so I want everything to go as smoothly as possible for myself and guests. Thank you!!

Re: Crowne PLaza, Fairfield, NJ for Wedding Room Blocks

  • When blocking out rooms for my wedding I looked into using them. The sales manager I tried dealing with had nothing but attitude. On top of the attitude problem, they were also 50 bucks more then the other hotels in the area, they said they charged for the shuttle? And breakfast wasn't included the next day. I wound up blocking rooms at the Fairfield executive inn. 125 bucks...shuttle included...and so was breakfast the next day.
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  • I used them and really liked them.  I made a post in the previous thread that you can read through for more info!
  • I am using them, and so far they have been great.
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