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Hi ladies!  For the response cards, we are definitely planning to include the "__ Seats reserved" line, but since we need to know meal choices too I'm worried the card looks too busy, and maybe a little redundant.  How does this look:

Please respond by September 19, 2013

___Seats have been reserved for you

___ Number Accepting
___ Number Declining

Please write guest name(s) under meal choice:

Sirloin                           Salmon

Our DOC suggested to have the guest names written under the meal choice, but do we then put lines under the meal choice?  Should we instead have the


and have guests just initial meal choice?  Any input would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

Re: RSVP Help

  • This is a lot for one card.  IMHO, the # reserved and top lines you used work better when guests don't need to select their meal.  Rather than have 3 sections, I would streamline:

    Mike Smith ___ Steak  ___ Fish ___ Will not attend
    Mary Smith ____ Steak ____ Fish ____ Will not attend

    Then you have your number and proper meal assignments in one question.  
  • Thanks for the input!  Would you handwrite each name?  How would that work with printing?
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    I like MNIN's example but it would be problematic when you have a single person vs. a couple vs. a family of 5.  Hmm...
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