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Groomsmen Attire Question- Help!

Hello all!

I had a quick question concerning the groomsmen attire :) Our wedding is going to be December 28th, 2013 and our colors are going to be navy blue and gray. The bridesmaids dresses are going to be a navy blue and my dress is a Paloma Blanca in the "natural" color.

My FI initially decided on a charcoal gray tux with a navy bowtie and suspenders for the attire. However, he is now LOVING the bow tie and suspender look with no jacket, which I really like the look of as well. It would be more cost efficient than a tux for his groomsmen and they would buy and keep everything.

However, our wedding is at 6pm in the it is going to be dark by that time, which in my mind is more formal. I just wanted to get some feedback on if you think this look would be okay for an evening winter wedding? Does it matter if we decide our wedding is going to be more "casual" or should it definitely be more formal cause of the season and time of day? I am an over analyzer, so I go back and forth in my head all day long! I would love your feedback on what you think would work best and if it would look alright :)

Thank you!

Re: Groomsmen Attire Question- Help!

  • I think suspenders should always be covered by a jacket, and shirtsleeves are too informal for an evening wedding. They can always ditch the jackets for a few photos and at the reception, but I think it's a look that will appear very dated 10 years from now when you're looking back at the pics.
  • Thanks so much for your feedback! I really appreciate it.

    I just don't want it to seem like I am the one making this decision because I ultimately want him to wear what he will feel comfortable in and have the final say. But, he really wants to do the no jacket thing, which I just don't think is evening winter wedding I'm at a loss of what to do! Ah!

    Any other thoughts?
  • Thanks ladies! I completely agree, however my FI is now upset and feels like I am not valuing his opinion. What do I do? He is pretty upset over this and feels like my opinion is just going to trump everything and that he has no say.

    Any advice and how to handle this situation?!? Eek!
  • Wear the tux for the ceremony, take the jacket off at dinner... compromise

  • Have him go to the store to try different looks on. Then you can decide together which looks will best fit the venues you have choosen. This way you are giving your ideas plus his ideas a chance. The look I originally wanted to go for with GM hubby hated and I had to agree once I saw it on him. So we found a different look we were both happy with.

    For a third look idea, what about no jacket but a vest? It might be a happy compromise.

    Good luck!!

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