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Getting in Shape

Cayenne Pepper Cleanse? anyone? anyone?

Has anybody done this? I have a co-worker who has done this and says it workers... I was wondering about this and is it safe to not eat for 10 days?!? Sounds like the most silly question I have ever asked..

Re: Cayenne Pepper Cleanse? anyone? anyone?

  • TERRIBLE idea.  Listen to your better judgement.

    Just a few risks, aside from (and many due to) the severe shortage of nutrients, fiber, and protein: muscle breakdown, dizziness and fatigue, risk for ketosis, and increased risk for damage to digestive tract (especially for those with acid reflux.)

    Oh, and it isn't actually proven to detox at all.  Starvation diets often first force your body to pull from your muscle mass and fluids, so your friend has probably only lost healthy aspects of her weight (like lean muscle.)  So, there's that.
  • BjlongBjlong member

    Very true knew it. Guess I will stick to insanity and get beat up by Shaun T!

  • A MUCH better plan :)  You might also want to look into some healthier tools for kick starting good nutrition, either new recipes or sites like MyFitnessPal.
  • @Lobsters25 has pretty much covered it! Goodluck - if you want more motivation, try checking in to our daily accountability threads here.
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