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Some dress advice please....

Hi, I'm from NYC and eloping to Hawaii to get married in about 2½ weeks.  I got my dress two years ago but due to some health and housing issues we've had to postpone our wedding.  We're finally going and I now hate the dress I purchased online.  It is a high/low dress.  I want to purchase another dress but unsure of finding one that can be ready by time I leave.  My questions are as follows:  I'm a size 22, should I just get a short dress/tea length or should I get a long dress (empire or drop waist) that can be available on time?  Does anyone know what bridal shop I can go to in NYC or tri-state area where I can purchase either off the rack?  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.


7/16/2013 wedding in Oahu

Re: Some dress advice please....

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    kilenfields might be able to help u with an off the rack dress or rk bridals also in nyc  checkout the fashion district in nyc some places have bridal 
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    I got my dress off the rack at GroupUSA, there is one in Secaucus. They carry Camille LaVie dresses and she has destination and plus size lines, so you might be able to find something good there. Most bridal shops have some sale dresses that they are selling as is off the rack. David's had a huge selection, so that might be a good place to start. Good luck!
    I am also going to say GroupUSA such a great selection. I got my bridesmaid dresses there!
    Anyway, they have a nice selection of destination dresses too 

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