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MOH driving me nuts

Ok so my MOH is driving me crazy. First she takes it upon herself to go try on dresses she likes and even showed another bridesmaid before consulting with me so they could gang up on me. Not having it. So I find a dress that I like for them online it's a wrap dress that can be worn differently on top. I send the picture to all 5 maids and guess who is the only one that doesn't like it? Yup you guessed the MOH from hell. I so over her and this damn dress drama. I've been in weddings before and I remember the bride saying her is the dress please go order your size and that was that. Am missing something?

Re: MOH driving me nuts

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    First of all I love those wrap dresses that was the number one choice for me but it didn't go with my dress .. But anyways I have no room to talk because my MOH talked me into letting her have a different dress.. But no you are not missing anything the way this MOH thing is SUPPOSE TO GO IS... @msbryant2555 : this is the dress I decided for you Guys
    Moh: omg I think that dress is awesome and it can be worn different ways.... Awww msbryant you are the best bride ever and I love you choice and I am ready to order my dress right now..also I want to apologize to you for being such a horrible friend and trying on dresses without you... That was so inconsiderate of me

    Ok in the real world not so much but she should not have any complaints and just be willing and accepting to wear anything you want the girls to wear

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  • If only it went that way life would be grand but like you said in the real world she is complaining about every single dress I'm ready to throw her in the ugliest dress ever but that would mess up my pictures lol.
  • MsBryant2555....HONEY dont let that stress you, i plan on having my girls wear the wrap dresses as well...i love how they are in the same dress but different style and at first my girls were on that same bull about o how do we knw its gonna fit our different body shapes and sizes im like look the dresses are a flow-ey type fabric dont play with me...they wanted to wear short dresses and im like agian no i dont want short dresses idc what yall say if you want to be in MY wedding your gonna wear and order what i say! THE END. 
    Your gonna have to put your foot down and tell her what you want because over all it is Your day not hers...

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  • @misstira where are you ordering your dresses from? Will they be floor length or just below the knee? I found some on for $70 but this seems to good to be true. I'm over her and her attitude she better get with the program soon.
  • MsBryant2555 Im going to get the dresses from HENKAA.COM they are a popular company and ive ordered swatches (which are free) to see the fabric and quality of the dresses.. They come in mine, tea length and floor length I PERSONALLY WANT THEM IN LONG DRESSES.. if you go on their website and/or Facebook you can see a ton of pics with BP is a ton of the colors they have...

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    girl don't yell at me i'm playing devil's advocate

    yup, it's supposed to go exactly as you've described and that's kinda implied when you accept the invitation of being in your girl's wedding.  um, 2 questions, i'm giggling in advance because she doesn't sound like the type to wait to for a request, but is this a lady you asked to be in your wedding?  that's a.   b. consider whether or not you hate the dress she "chose" or you hate her presumptuousness in choosing it.  if you hate her boldness but can live with the dress (and this just sounds like it's between the 2 of you, none of the other ladies are rogue-maids) if you can live with it, tell her the dress choices are for me to make love, but out of consideration I'll include this one in my top 5.   If you hate the dress itself, obvs, ignore each word of the preceding lol. 

    here's what - EVERY bride says oh you can wear that again, here's the truth and you know this if you've ever been a bridesmaid, you blow $200 on a dress that you not only never have worn again, but never would.  Personally, I've got 4 of these beauties in my closet, it's awesome.   All because you love her and that's fine, but it'd be kinda sweet if brides kept the personal taste of their ladies in mind too, not "necessary" but nice.  

    okay, i'm popping my earplugs in, you can start holl'in in 5...4...3...
  • sultryzulu having 4 of these beauties in the i got one but uhh to be honest the wrap dresses like she and i are considering are one of those dresses you can wear again and again..

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  • @Sultryzulu I'm not going to yell. No I didn't get the chance to ask before she already excepted. I sent them cute cards asking will they be my bridesmaid but she took a step further and made herself the MOH. So go figure. Anywho the dresses she picked out I didn't like because they will not fit all of the other bm and I wanted long dresses. She keeps whining that its going be too hot for long dresses well hello my dress is going be super hot. But we will be indoors with air so that isn't an real issue to me. So now I find the convertible wrap dresses that are tea length and now she complaining that the material is too hot and it's hard to wrap and it looks like a curtain on the bottom. Mean while we haven't even seen the dresses up close so how does she know that.
  • lol @ T!  - I know babe, i've seen em and agreed, they're pretty.  The 4 dresses gathering dust in my closet are just as beautiful, what i'm saying is unless you're like the secretary of state or something, you're not going someplace on a regular where you'd wear a dress that is too fancy for work, but not fancy enough for black tie.  The only place I can even think of where they'd fit in again is at a prom.  But I digress lol, really, i'm talking (from a different perspective) about compromise.  I'm a size 10 but I carry all my cheez-it weight in my middle.  I can't (won't) wear wrap dresses because I don't have a defined waist.  So for her this may be less about belligerence than simply I don't wanna spend 150 bux to look shi&&y.  ya know?
  • @misstira thanks so much I looked on the site that is the place I think I will go with
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    LOL @ Tiff - chile ignore me trying to dr. phil you to deff. this heffa finna drive you crazy if you don't have a come to Jesus in the next couple of weeks.   we've moved on from compromise to control, please let her know that her choices are the following:

    here's your dress, I may or I may not consider an alternate.   If you're not comfortable with my choice, I respect that and have plenty of other non maid of honor duties I'd love for you to help me with if you'd still like to be in the wedding. 

    sheeeeeiiiii.  you ain't tell me she was that girl.  lol.

  • sultryzulu LMBO as i munch on my White Cheddar Cheese Cheez-Its LOL LOL LOL...But i feel you all my Cheez-its are sittin in the middle, lower half, thigh meat areas LOL...

    MsBryant2555 No Prob honey i love those dresses and they come in all sizes up to 24

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  • U ladies are pure comedy and I LOVE IT!!! LOL.... @ Sultry, girl u kill me with ur words. U sure have a way of saying things lol...I swear I love yall
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  • First off.  The MOH need to get her life times two!!  I also second B's comments (umm yeah the chick up top with all of her fronts showing!)

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  • You ladies are so funny. Thanks for the advice. I'm going be doing a lot of counting to 10 before replying to her. She trying to make me a brideZilla not having it.
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