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Where to Get Something Printed?

I typed up what I want for our programs. I made it in OpenOffice (I like the program better than Word) but I can save it in a word format. It's 2 files really. Front and back. I've never gotten something printed before. I've always been able to do my own because I was never printing more than 20 pages. Well now I need 100 copies of this.

What's the best place to get my wedding program printed? Do I bring in the files? Do I bring in the paper I want it printed on? How much does it cost?

Thanks y'all!!!
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Re: Where to Get Something Printed?

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    I'd just take it to Kinkos/Staples/Office Max...most places you can either email the files or bring them in.  I always buy the paper or whatever I'm printing on there.
  • You should save it to a thumb drive and take your paper with you.  Smaller print shops could be a good place to go also - like Sir Speedy or MinuteManPress.
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