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Tipping Vendors

My photographer owns their own business - I wasn't planning on doing a big tip - but wanted to give her something  -- a gift certificate to a restaurant where she and her child go for lunch?  $25?  $50?

Also - she hired a "2nd photographer" .... what is appropriate to tip that person?

I've done a lot of googling...but looking for some NJ opinions since I think it varies across the country....

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Re: Tipping Vendors

  • This is a topic that always has me guessing, too!

    Here is what I figure (but could be wrong!)
    - No need to tip anyone at my venue other than the maitre d because we are paying a 20% service charge already.
    - No need to tip the band although certainly worth it if they do a great job(paying in cash, directly to band members)
    - I am totally unclear about whether or not you tip a photographer or a florist (not that it matters, but both have their own businesses)
    - No need to tip limo (already included)
    - If I go through my hair salon, I will tip for hair and makeup. If I go through someone who works for herself and sets her own prices, I am not sure what is proper.

    Anything else?

  • I wish I was of more help. I'm from Jersey but got married in the Bahamas at an all-inclusive resort where no tipping was allowed! 

    I know people usually tip the DJ though. 
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