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My fiance and I are thinking of going to Hawaii for our honeymoon but we dont know what island is the best or what which all inclusive resorts to look into!

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  • There really aren't any all inclusives in Hawaii. There's the Travaasa in Hana, Maui but it's more of a "go and chill" kind of place, than what you'd normally think of for an all inclusive. We'd love to visit it someday but it's pretty pricey :) 
     As far as the "best" island.. That depends what you want! If you can appreciate local Hawaiian life and want a honeymoon where you just lay on the beach, we loved Molokai. But a word of warning: It really is rural. Lanai has a couple four seasons resorts and golfing if you're into that. Maui is beautiful and glam... more commercialized than some of the other islands, but for some people that's not a bad thing. Big Island I can't give much advice on because I'm not as familiar with it... If you're interested in seeing the volcano that would be a good spot though. Oahu has a little of both worlds when it comes to the commercialized and the rural settings. North shore is rural and charming, great shrimp trucks. Honolulu area is busy with great restaurants and shopping. The beaches are busier there as well. They're quieter up north. As for Kauai, I haven't been myself but my parents went there after our wedding on Oahu and they loved it! It's very lush and beautiful. Has some local Hawaiian flair to it and lots of nature activities! They did atv tours through waimea, ziplining, and a cruise to the shore of niihau. I think that no matter where you choose, however, you'll enjoy it!! 
    There's also cruises that hop to several of the islands. Or packages you can buy that go from Maui to Molokai, or to/from other islands for a "day trip". 
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