What's everyone up to this weekend? We're headed to the Ohio Wine Festival in Cleveland with FI's family. I'm so excited! We're also cooking- we bought 8 qts of peaches from our CSA and are trying to figure out what to do with them all!
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    FI works on Saturday so I will proabablt take a chunk of the day to clean the house since we are leaving for vacation next weekend.  I think Sunday I will go visit my niece and nephew in Canonsburg and enjoy some carefree play time with the kiddies.  They are 3 (almost 4) and 23 months.

    You should make peach jam!
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    Happy Friday!

    Actually looking forward to this weekend! It is North Fayette Community Days all weekend and it's at the elementary school, which is walking distance from our house. Tonight we are having a fair amount of ppl over to grill and drink and then walking down to see the Clarks play and tomorrow we will go over for fireworks. 

    A friend of mine is also taking some preliminary e-pics for us on Saturday evening. I wanted to hold off on the professional ones until fall or winter. And I also forgot to post that I got my wedding dress last weekend!

    Hope everyone has a nice weekend!

    mookow - Mmmmm.... WIne festival sounds great... I love drinking wine, lol.

    Melis - Such cute ages! Have fun playing!
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    First dress fitting tomorrow with my mom and future mom-in-law!

    Then my fiance and I are taking my fiance's parents to a wine and jazz festival in Washington County to celebrate his dad's birthday. That means tonight I get to make the birhtday boy key lime pie and I'm going to get started on making cookies for my shower in two weeks.
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    Hm, busy lab-filled weekend for me.  It's a friend's birthday this weekend so i'll have to drag myself out of lab at least one night.

    adug - yay for your first fitting!

    lindsay- YAY for picking the wedding dress!! Is it a secret or will you share pics.  Also Reese has gotten SO big.  She looks super cute, I want to meet her.

    Melis - have a good weekend!

    mookow - peach cobbler, mmm.  And jam.  And ice cream. 

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    melis- ooh where are you going on vacation? Jealous!

    Yeah I thought about making peach jam...never made jam before so I'll have to figure out how to do it.

    And we are also definitely doing peach ice cream. Yummm
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