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Introducing Myself

I posted in a couple threads but wanted to formally introduce myself.

My name is Frances and my wonderful fiance is named Matt. We have been together over two years and engaged 23 days. The first 16 month of our relationship were long distance cause he was in the Navy.

We are getting married February 15th, 2014. The plan is a small family only wedding with meal afterward. Then in March my parents are throwing us a party.

Glad I found this board. I hope we can encourage each other. My wedding is "non-traditional" in many ways and I feel like many people would say we're not following "etiquette" correctly or some such.

Hope to get to know you ladies better. Where you all from? I'm in Illinois in the Chicago area.

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Re: Introducing Myself

  • Hello! Glad you found this board, too!

    I'm in southern Indiana, but I'm originally from Wisconsin. My fiance is from Minnesota.
  • Welcome!!  I'm in Central Virginia, but we just moved out here after almost 2 years in Kansas.  I grew up about 2 hours from where we live now, and DH grew up 4 hours away in Maryland.  We're very glad to be much closer to most of our family.  Two of DH's sisters live in Chicago.

    How did your fiance propose?  Looking forward to seeing you around the board.  
  • That's cool @fpaemp2011. I went to college in Lynchburg for 2 1/2 years.

    On our 5th date--I taught my boyfriend how to play the card game cribbage. He knew some guys on his sub who played and wanted to learn. That became one of the things we like to do together.

    On June 8th we went to a local river fest and walked around and rode the Ferris Wheel. After lunch we went back to my house. He told me, "I got you a present." So I opened a box to see a new heart shaped cribbage board. Inside was a deck of cards and a velvet bag. He got this big grin on his face and said, "Why don't you pull out the pegs so we can play?" Inside with the pegs was my ring! Then he asked, "Will you marry me?" And of course I said, "yes." We then later played a game of cribbage which he won. Also took a couple pictures to show people. Then we finished our day watching The Muppets.

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  • How sweet! 

    We also enjoy playing cribbage together.
    And after we got engaged, we played Clue. :)
  • Here's a picture of my ring. It's a Mystic Fire Topaz and 60 tiny diamonds around the stone and band.
    I'm not usually big on large jewelry but he told me that's it's so big because he loves me so much. Took some getting used to but now I love wearing it and could not imagine a more perfect ring.

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  • Clue is fun too. But it needs more than 2 people. We like to play lots of other games too. Last night went to a couple from our church house and they taught us Pinochle. Another couple taught us Euchre.

    My sister actually knew he was right for me when he called me a cheater while we were playing cards. My family is very competitive in games and call each other "cheaters" in jest.

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  • fpaemp2011fpaemp2011 member
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    @fre3doms- DH and I met at Liberty in 2008.  I was there 2005-2011, he was there 2006-Dec 2010.  We moved back for him to start at the Seminary this fall.

    Love your story and your ring is beautiful! :)
  • Thanks. I was at Liberty 2005-2007. My fiance went to the Christian college near here that I almost went to.

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  • Welcome, @fre3doms! Gorgeous ring, he sounds like a keeper! Is your FH no longer in the Navy?

    What do you do?

    I currently call eastern Virginia home, but will be moving in about two months to either eastern Maryland or central Indiana (praying for central Indiana, as that's where FH lives).
  • welcome! I love your proposal story! how unique
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  • He's all done with the Navy as of last August. Did his 6 years and now he monitors wind farms. I agree that he's a keeper. I tell him that all the time.

    I job hunt----I would love to be a librarian but that hasn't happened yet. I am working with a couple temp agencies and hope to get something more permanent that way. I really just want to work for a couple years and pay off debts. Then Lord willing I will be a stay at home mom. 

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    Welcome! Love the ring.

    FI and I are from SE Iowa.
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  • Hi, thanks for sharing you're proposal story. I love how your FI incorporated cribbage into your proposal :) I'm from Surrey, BC in Canada


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  • Thanks. It's like our favorite game to play together. I had told him all I wanted was him to do something special for our proposal. And of course my romantic man did.

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