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Cocktail Reception Help!

I am having a huge problem a finding an affordable reception venue. We are looking to host about 75-80 people and were thinking of hosting a cocktail reception. I have looked at halls and I am thinking now that a restaurant might be a better way to go. In addition to not having a venue I'm not sure how I should execute my plan for hosting a cocktail reception.

We were thinking that it would also be much easier for our guests if the ceremony and reception were at the same place.

Any suggestions on how I can successfully pull off a cocktail reception without breaking the bank. (budget is about $2000)



Re: Cocktail Reception Help!

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    When is your wedding? If its in the summer or fall opt for an outdoor wedding in a city park, the permits are $25. A restaurant reception seems like a good idea. Call around to see who can accommodate your party. Good Luck
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    I suggest looking at the outer boroughs.  Manhattan will be tough for that budget.  You will also want a place that has a separate room for functions, because if you have to buy out the entire restaurant for the night, it will be very expensive.
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    Thank you for your responses my wedding is next May (2014).

    I am definitely not looking into Manhattan, I have primarily been looking into Brooklyn & Queens.

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    Try the World Astoria Manor.  If you do your wedding on a Sunday or weekday, you could definately work something out on the way of $50 per person.
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