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My dream come true proposal story and pictures!

This Friday 6/28/2013 my Boyfriend of 4 1/2 years  became my fiancé! It was a fairy tale proposal and even though I was sure it was coming he managed to surprise me! This weekend my SO took me on a surprise trip to destination unknown! Well he took me to a nearby large cities downtown were we stayed on the water at the port at the Marriott downtown for 2 nights!!

 Night one (Friday) he said we weren't doing much just a boat ride and dinner and that Sat to would be super special(i figured he would propose sat)! Well the first night was an amazingly huge night! We went on a fine dining cruise overlooking downtown from the water at night! After dinner we found a private area on at the front of the ship and watched the sunset (at this point I was thinking I bet he wished he brought that ring) it was so romantic!  Suddenly we saw actual fireworks(this was not planned) after the fireworks my now fiancé said looks it looks like they restarted I turned around to look and saw nothing . I turned to say no they weren't and he was down on one knee asking me to be his wife!

 We spent Saturday being tourists by going to the aquarium and riding the streetcars to well know areas of town we even got to watch a cruise ship leave port from our balcony! Saturday night my fiancé took me to the top rated steakhouse in the U.S. We wined and dined sparing no expense just celebrating our love and future together. Checking out of the hotel was so sad!It was the best weekend of my life I'm still on cloud 9! Now for the pictures 

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