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To-Do Tuesday!

Hi ladies! What's on the agenda both WR and NWR?

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Re: To-Do Tuesday!

  • NWR- Figure out the timing of public transportation and/or bus into Philadelphia for a get together with friends, try and  get a sweet last minute deal for an overnight with DH in Atlantic City this weekend (or Mohegan Sun)!

    WR- Finally got my laptop back soooo I can finish my Thank you Cards AND the photo album we (or shall I say, I) am making for DH's aunt.  Our photo package came with an album for me and two albums which we gave to our mothers...but his aunt should really have one, too!
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  • @Julyet06

    Hotels in Caesars ownerships have a $30 to $40 percent off semi-anual sale going on now. 

    I was just using them to book my AC getaway with my hubby. But we are going on the 17th or 18th for my bday. 

    As for your trip to Philly, it might be easy for you to take NJ Transit from Penn Station to Trenton and then switch to SEPTA (that's PA train system) to get into Philly. 
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  • @TerriHugg - girl when are you coming to NY??? lol!  Too bad we won't see each other in AC...although we just want to go for any weekend.  If this one doesn't work out, maybe I'll see you on the 17th!

    I've taken NJ Transit into Philly once, wasn't too bad except it left me pretty far from where I was trying to go lol!  Thanks for the suggestions, I am definitely going to look into that site!
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  • @Julyet06

    Would you believe I never even made it to NY?! Of course work get the best of me and the time I planned to travel their for leisure quickly got filled with work stuff. Still hoping to make my trip there to have some fun soon! 

    Good luck finding a room for AC. Harrah's is my favorite AC resort. The pool there is so pretty and great for relaxing. 
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  • WR - I finally got in touch with the lady from Norwegian Cruise Lines, and I have some information to share with my FI. Tonight, we'll talk through that!

    Also, we have to pick a date for our engagement photos. I'm thinking we should do the photos downtown since I think I found an inexpensive downtown location to host the at home reception!

    NWR - I have to get to the store and pick up a few ingredients to bake some cookies for a 4th of July celebration!

  • @julyet06  YAY your coming to philly !!!!!!!!!!  Unfortunately I know nothing about buses or I would help you.

    WR:  Sending out the bridal shower invites my best friend could not get out because my mom didn't have some of her friends addresses.

    NWR:  Work as always and getting really for family stuff 
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  • @TerriHugg bummer!  I think we are going to save AC for another weekend, but I am going to keep that website handy!

    @AmyS2645 I like that idea for you engagement photos!  Hope it all works out for you to have your rehearsal dinner there, too!

    Amber ( @amorg334 ) yes!  I am having a get together with some former knotties! (If I can make it at a decent hour after work)
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  • @Julyet06, thanks! We're thinking of having a rehearsal type dinner on the cruise with whoever can make it on the trip with us, but I think this location would be really great because it's downtown (our style) and it's indoors. We're thinking of getting married in September, and we won't be back in town until the middle of that month. Then, FI wants to have the reception no more than a month later. So, the indoor area is key in our neck of the woods! Snow starts as early as the beginning of October most years.
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