Feedback on reception/ceremony site finalists

Hi Everyone,


I am getting married in October 2015 and even though there is a lot of time, I have come up with a list of finalists.  We looking to spend no more than around $100 per person.  I would appreciate any feedback/thoughts/suggestions based on this list. 


Here are the definite finalists:

Marriott O'Hare

Northbrook Hilton

Doubletree North Shore

Chateau Ritz

Renaissance North Shore

Renaissance O'Hare


Here are some maybes based off parents suggestions:

Fountain Blue Banquets

Wyndham Glenview

Glenview Park District (Lakeview Room)


Any thoughts or suggestions?  I'd appreciate any feedback.




Re: Feedback on reception/ceremony site finalists

  • Chateau Ritz--never been to a wedding here, but we had junior prom there in high school. They've redone it since then and it looks really nice. The price is definitely in your budget. The one main downside is that there isn't a hotel within walking distance which was a must for us. If that's not a concern of yours, then it's definitely a great option. Also, we would have needed 1 1/2 sections of the ballroom to accommodate our guest list and there would have been two random pillars that sectioned the room off kind of odd. That was just a personal quirk of mine though. I love their chandeliers in the room...they're even more stunning in person than online!

    Fountain Blue-- We had our wedding there in the Versailles Room in December. I cannot say enough good things about them! The food was absolutely amazing. All of the people there were great to work with and always got back to me promptly. The room was gorgeous...chandeliers, gold plating on the walls...definitely an old world elegance to it. Now some people hate that, but it's exactly what we were looking for. They are within your budget (for our chicken entree it ended up being 77pp after tax/grat I believe and that included everything). I don't remember what the steak options were priced at but I'm sure it'd still be within the $100. They are definitely worth a visit.

    I've never been to the others, so I can't help you there. Happy Planning :)
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    Wyndham Glenview kinda blew me off and forgot my appt when I was looking at the, so I kinda felt a little like they were disorganized.


    Allgauers in Northbrook has AWESOME food. It's on Milwaukee Avenue. I have been to events there (nota w edding, thought) and was impressed.


    The Arboreturm Club in Buffalo Grove is VERy popular (our date was booked) and was within your budget


    We had ours at White Deer Run Golf Club in Vernon Hills and were very happy with it.


    Those are both within your budget and somewhat in that area you mentioned, actually

  • Thanks!  My parents have been really wanting me to check out the Wyndham even though I've been reading quite a few not so good reviews.  I'll check the other two out as well.  We're trying to find a location that would be easy for city and surburban guests to attend from all over.
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