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We're all married now!!!

Just wanted to say congratulations to all my fellow June 2013 brides!!! I hope you all had amazing wedding days, like I did!

It has been such an adventure planning this wonderful life event over the last year... I'm really grateful that I had this fantastic forum to help me along the way, both with sharing excitement and venting the stress. It's so true that it was well worth it. Can you believe it's all over now and we're on the other side of the "Mrs. finish line"?? Amazing! 

Thank you so much ladies! Reading your posts and sharing in the fun of wedding planning with other brides planning for the same time was really a fun ride. I can't wait to see everyone's pictures and read about everyone's weddings. Feels like a long time to wait for everyone to get back from their honeymoons (we postponed ours until the fall... due to work schedules) so I'm just hanging around (waiting for my pictures to come in) eager to see you girls start posting again. 


Re: We're all married now!!!

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    I'm in the same boat! I can't believe its already practically been a month since the wedding. We postponed our honeymoon to September due to work schedules too. so at least we have that to look forward to.  I am enjoying looking at all the pictures and am happy to keep hearing how much everyone enjoyed everything.  Hopefully I'll get our pro pics DVD soon so I can AW those!  Life has not changed at all now that we are married, but its cool to just him my husband.  We are house hunting too, so I am hoping that turns around so I can use all of my awesome new stuff!  It is torture having to wait, and I might just have to give in on a few things!

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