Very Overweight Bridesmaids

I'm getting married next June  & I chose two of my cousins to be in my bridal party.  I love them to death, but I'm really worried about finding dresses for them because they are so overweight.  I'm not exactly thin (I wear a size18/20).  But they are far more overweight than I am.  I could do what my sister-in-law did and just say they all have to get black dresses of the same length, but that's not what I want for my bridal party.  I don't want to sacrifice because I can't find dresses.  I know David's Bridal carries up to a 26, but I don't think they would fit in that either.  Any suggestions?

Re: Very Overweight Bridesmaids

  • I know that Alfred Angelo carries up to 30W...hope that helps!!! :)
  • Try; they have a bridesmaids line.  They look somewhat like cocktail dresses, but they are very pretty. And their sizing is very generous.

  • Some David's bridal dresses can be ordered in up to a 30W too! you just have to look in the small print on the website, or ask in the store. Also, I wouldnt be afraid to ask them their size. I have a diverse party (size 3-20) and I need to find a dress that looks good on everyone. If I didn't know sizes already I would have asked to make sure the dress is carried in all of the sizes I need and that the dress will flatter all 4 of my girls!!!!

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  • Perhaps you can ask them where they would shop for a cocktail dress if they needed one.  Are these you only BMs?  I know that Lane Bryant has very nice cocktail dresses and their sizes vary.
  • I almost have the reverse problem, I'm a size 26 and my bridesmaids range from a size 4, to a size 14.  There are stores out there at carry dresses for plus sized women, it just takes some research.  Try looking at a plus sized bridal shop most likely they'll also carry dresses for plus sized bridesmaids too.  Good luck. 
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  • your bridal shop where you got your dress should be able to help you with sizing.. are you sure they are bigger than a 26  im a 22 street clothes but if i wear the right outfits people mistake me for a smaller size in plus had that happen to me when i went shopping... 

    say are a 26 sometims they salon can get extra fabric to extend out the dress to make it fit a good semstress should be able to help you.. 

    morilee brides and bridesmade go up to a 32w i would find a place that carrys her line..

    all of my bmades range from jr sizing to size 10 
  • Depending on how formal you want you could try Chadwicks. 
  • when I was a bridesmaid in my sisters wedding I ordered the largest sze they had a 26 and then another panel of material which turned out to be a yards worth, brought it to a seamstress and she was able to extend it for me keeping it to look like the original but in my size which at the time was a 32/34.
  • I am a street size 32/34 and my bridal gown was from the Bonny Unforgettable line.  With a good shaper underneath, I was able to fit in the largest size they made with no problems. 

    I totally agree with OliveOilsMom - ask them to help you find a dress.  They will look for places that sell dresses in their size, and will probably show you styles they will feel comfortable in.  I will be honest with you and say that most of us much bigger girls are NOT comfortable in strapless/sleeveless dresses so please ask for their input if you want them to feel beautiful and comfortable in their dresses.  I have been in so many weddings where I had to wear dresses that made me look and feel so fat and ugly and horrible that I did my best to hide in a dark corner most of the night wishing I could just go home and cry.
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  • Did you look at Jordan?  They carry sizes up to 34.  The website is

    I know a couple girls who had really good luck finding dresses here.
  • I wpould try and stay away from David's Bridal. Truthfully, my mother in law is a quite large lady and she sent in her measurements to and the dress came in and its beautiful and fits perfectly. They do custom sizes
    My MOH is very plus sized. I fell in love with these dresses from davids bridal and they only came into a 26 at the biggest. I was super worried about it. But they ordered that size anyways. We took it to a different alterations place and it was 14 inches too small. I almost died. But, the alterations lady was amazing and re did the entire back of the dress and I cant even tell. So, thank goodness.
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