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WTF Wednesday

Happy hump day ladies! You know what to do - complaints go here.

Re: WTF Wednesday

  • WTF Weather!! We are supposed to go out sailing after work and then end up watching the fireworks on the boat (Milwaukee does its big firework display tonight and then all the suburbs do theirs actually on the fourth) but it looks cloudy and dreary and it supposed to storm all night. ugh
  • I don't really have a WTF since today is my Fridayyy!! (I really thought it was Friday, almost posted the Favorite Friday thread! lol!)

    I guess I'll WTF my boss...starting me on a new project that mirrors one I worked on a few weeks ago so by experience I know this is going to be VERY involved...I was SO hoping to leave early today!  Fingers are still crossed!!!
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  • WTF weather! I'm really starting think Jersey is turning in Florida the way we keep having these sun showers and random thunderstorms through out the day. It makes it so hard for to determine when I should go on my jog to train for a 5k! 
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  • WTF Work.  The work is being a devil lately.  I wish people would just listen.  It really is not a hard concept.  For example if you get a prescription on june 20th and it is a 30 day supply you can not have it until the 17th-18th of july.  Not now because you want extra..  
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  • Lol!  Awww Amber, hope work gets better for you quick!
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  • hahaha it is retail pharmacy..  I do not think it ever gets better but thank you! 
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