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Nevada-Las Vegas

Just a few more reviews from 6/22/2013

Hey everyone!  I forgot a few reviews that I thought might be helpful for you.

Earth Limo: A
Most of our guests arrived at the same time on the Thursday before the wedding. So as a courtesy, we rented a bus to transport them all to their hotels from the airport.  They gave us a 2 hour time slot.  Then we could pay by the half hour if we went over that.  I'm not sure if we went over since my parents paid for it, but everything worked out nicely.  We even met the bus at the airport and rode with our guests to their hotels.  They were more expensive than some other bus companies, but they provided me with very good customer service.  Always responded quickly.  The driver met us at the baggage claim right on time.

License Bureau: A
No issues here.  Our package at Caesars included a limo to pick up our marriage license, so we did that when we got into town on Wednesday.  Super easy since it was Wednesday afternoon and we had pre-registered.  We were in and out in less than 10 minutes.  It did take awhile for the documents to show up on their website, but I finally was able to order my stuff last night.

Fit for a Bride: A
Can't believe I forgot to include this in my earlier review!  Super easy.  I sent my dress and my dad's suit via FedEx about 2 weeks before the wedding.  They called me right when everything arrived.  Very nice to work with, and my dress looked gorgeous when it was delivered to Caesars on Friday.

Men's Wearhouse: A
We got all our tuxes at Men's Wearhouse.  One of my friends is a manager at one here in Ohio, so we had no choice, but they were great!  We picked out the Vera Wang ones.  They were super nice.  Very happy with our choice.  The guys picked up the tuxes on Thursday with no issues.  We paid $10 per tux to have a courier service return them for us on Sunday.  They picked them all up at the Bell Desk.  We got the info for this directly from the Men's Wearhouse in Vegas.

Bachelorette Party Reviews:

Dinner - Hussong's Cantina (Mandalay Bay): C
The food and margaritas get an A, but the service gets a C.  She knew she was getting 20% automatic gratuity, so she felt no need to go above and beyond.  For example, it was obvious that it was my party with all my bachelorette fun stuff I had on.  I was only offered 1 margarita during dinner.  Now...at $12 a margarita + 20% tip, I would be asking all the time who wants refills - especially the guest of honor.  After we got our bills one of my guests tracked her down again to get me another.  I was just disappointed.  The restaurant wasn't busy, so I'm not sure what the issue was.  Oh well, it didn't ruin my night.

Thunder From Down Under (Excalibur): A+
My mom got VIP tickets (front row) for all 17 of us to go see Thunder From Down Under after dinner.  It was fantastic.  One of my friends is even sending my mom a thank you note for paying for all of us to go because she had so much fun!  My only complaint was that they had only 1 bartender.  So the line for drinks was crazy.  My mom had to get out of line when the show started because she had waited so long.  The show is cheesy, but awesome!  I was heavily featured in the show.  I was up on stage 3 times, and I won 2 free pictures with the guys along with a bag of other random stuff.  I won a contest on stage that...let's just say...was embarrassing in front of my mother and mother-in-law!  But we had such a blast at the show!

After the show we just hit up a couple bars.  I had a great time.

After party at Carnaval Court (Harrah's): F
Carnaval Court would have gotten a great review from me. However, terrible customer service dropped my rating REALLY fast.

We came here for our after party. We picked it since it is a fun, open-air bar with bands, DJs, etc.  No cover before a certain time.  Most of our guests joined us. In total, we had about 25 people. When we got there, they let us sit in their new section with all the couches. This was at about 5:30 p.m. We were having a great time. Dancing to the bands, ordering countless buckets of beer and mixed drinks.

Around 10 p.m. (after we had spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars on alcohol here), security came to kick us out because they use that area for bottle service at this time. This is where my issue comes in. I know how bottle service works in Vegas, so I had no problem moving. It was the way they treated us that bothered me. After we spent the last 4 1/2 hours there, security came to kick us out very rudely. They were rude to all of my guests. They said we never should have been sitting there in the first place. That's funny - why did no one mention that to us earlier and why were their waitresses serving us drinks up there with no issues? One of my guests works in hotel management and he tried to speak to two different people to fix the situation. Both of them basically ignored him. One security person wouldn't let me back up in the area to let me help my guests move their things. I told her they were my wedding guests and I was trying to help move things faster, but she blocked me from going up the stairs. This could have been handled totally differently. All they had to say was, hey, this area is for bottle service after 10 p.m., we will accommodate you somewhere else. We'll help you move your things. DONE! They just didn't seem to care about how much money we had spent there. Even if we hadn't, why would you treat people at your business like that? I was not a fan. I would have loved to spend the rest of my evening there, but me and my 25 guests decided to celebrate somewhere else.

LOVE (Mirage): A
This was the only show I saw in Vegas this trip.  We got 2-for-1 tickets on Sunday night since my husband's cousin lives in Vegas.  I have been wanting to see it for a long time, and it was great!  Very entertaining.  It was the first Cirque du Soleil show that my husband had ever seen, and he was impressed as well.  Definitely a good show.

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Re: Just a few more reviews from 6/22/2013

  • When we had our wedding dinner reception at Hussong's we were really impressed with the service-They kept the drinks coming, chips, food, kept checking on us, even served everyone our cupcakes on the tray they were displayed on! Sorry to hear you didn't get that same experience! On another note, I would have been LIVID with the whole bottle service treatment because like you, I would have been ticked too that here we spent all this money up until 10 pm and you don't even offer to set us up someplace else AND your rude? Yeah no LOL

  • Sorry to hear about your poor Hussong's experience; I'd recommend contacting their management about the server as that is definitely not the norm for them (we go every time we're in Vegas and had our 40+ person rehearsal dinner there).  Maybe they can improve her service, or get rid of her.

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