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My finance and I are both in the Navy. We've been together almost a year and half.
I've got 6 months left at this duty station and he has 4 months left.
We don't really have time or money to plan a full "white wedding" anytime soon. (we both work 12 hours shifts 5 days a week, he works 12 hour rotating shift work)
And if we're not married we can't fill out paperwork to get "co-located" for our next PDS.
Now I understand "co-location" can mean Washington and San Diego. And that there are no gaurentees. We could still end up San Diego and Norfolk.
However due to the job that we both have, there are only about 5 different ports we could end up in. (both gaurenteed a carrier, due to our job)
Now we are thinking a small wedding soon, in a chapel and then when we both have time and money (due to saving over time) due a bigger renewing of vows and take a honeymoon then, 
Has anyone been in this boat??

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    There are a few ladies on here that have done that and I have a handful of friends as well but quite honestly most of my friends that had small weddings and planned on vow renewals in a few years, never happened because more important things came up in life (kids, homes, etc.). 

    I think that if you want to get married now, just plan what you can afford and invite who you want there and IF in a few years you have the time/money/and still feel it's important, have a vow renewal for your 5th or other big anniversary. 

    Or your other option is to wait until you have the money saved, deal with the distance for a few more years, then have the big "white wedding" all at once and not have to worry about a vow renewal or anything. I'm not in the military, but my husband is and we chose the 2nd option and are so so so happy we did. We were living on opposite coasts for nearly 5 years by the time we had our wedding. We wanted a big wedding, with all the bells and whistles with all of our family and friends and neither of us would have had it any other way. All that time apart and traveling once a month to visit each other was totally worth having our dream wedding when the time was good for us and we could afford it.
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