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Father Daughter and Mother Son Dance

My father got very sick when I was younger and as a result lost control over his balance.  He can still walk with a can but it's hard for him to stay steady, so the father daughter dance seems pretty out of the question to me.  My problem is that my fiancé is really pushing me to let him have a mother/son dance at our wedding.  He said that his mom would really want it.  I don't have an issue with it, but I don't want my dad to feel left out of that sort of tradition.  Any recommendations for alternative ways to include my father or ways to handle the situation?

Re: Father Daughter and Mother Son Dance

  • And of course I meant he can walk with a CANE!
  • If you Fi wants a mother/son dance, he should do it and shouldn't need to push for it. Maybe your dad can dance in a wheelchair or something.
  • itzMSitzMS member
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    Talk to your dad. And then your DJ. You aren't required to dance to an entire song.

    You and your dad can have a special moment, and when your dad feels done dancing, the two of you can stop and the DJ can be prepared to fade out the music. No big deal.

  • I agree talk to your dad and your DJ, maybe the DJ can find a short song that would fit the dance so your dad won't have to stand very long.
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    Is there another father-daughter thing you can do that doesn't involve dancing or anything physical that your father can't handle?
  • If you both have musica talent, playing would be lovely (so says a girl w/ NO musical ability).

    If not, perhaps you can do a joint reading. Maybe you could use a book he might have read you as a child or just something that has meaning for him/you

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  • doeydodoeydo Southwestern Ontario member
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    You could dance with your mother?
  • doeydo said:
    You could dance with your mother?
    Not sure how this would include her father, since that was the question.

    I'm sure there ought to be a way to have some sort of spotlight moment with your dad at the reception, but check that he really does want to do something! And of course your FI should have his dance with his mom if he wants. These things don't need to be "even." :)
  • Has he said he can't do it?

    I mean my mother walked my sister down the aisle even though she has no feeling in one leg (stretched sciatic nerve) and uses a cane. If she were to exclude my mother or not at least ask her if she could do it I think my mother would be upset. My mom will walk me down the aisle as well as dance to the Boys II Men song with me and my FI with his mom (My dad passed away 2 months before my sisters wedding).

    I just think you should ask him if that was something he could manage and if not....then see if he has ideas!

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  • I would also ask him first.  But in the case he doesn't feel confident, could you give a short speech of thanks to your parents, and maybe tell a story about something you and your dad shared?  To me the dance is more about a special moment than they actual dance.  I know it might be slightly unusually but it could show your dad how special he is to you.
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