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DW timeline and getting important people to agree to come??

hi ladies!

we have finally picked a venue! Paliku Gardens at Kualoa Ranch on Oahu, HI, 10-17-14. this is somewhat of a destiniation wedding as most of us live in CA, however i was born and raised in HI and my parents still live there. 

couple things - my mom has agreed to be my wedding planner, which i'm stoked on since she's retired and lives there and my parents are paying for everything. how do i keep her from taking over, especially with the guest list? also, any advice on vendors?

how do i get my friends to come?? i know most of them don't make a lot of money, which is why we are waiting so long, so we can all save $$ for the trip. i want my friends there, and i don't want this to turn into a party for my parents and their friends.... any advice?

also, when should i send the save the dates? invites? start looking for my dress? booking vendors? any and all advice appreciated!

thank you ladies and gents! 1<3

10-17-14 here we come!!!! so excited!

Re: DW timeline and getting important people to agree to come??

  • How exciting congrats on the decision!!!

    I say maybe find some fun activities in the area to brag to your friends about and get their minds rolling on how fun it would be!

    As far as your mom how great to have someone there! As to not having her take over do you think she actually would? If u'll be sending out the invites you will at least have the final say in who gets one!

    A dress you can do anytime you want :) bit def at least 6-8 months out from wedding! Save the dates maybe 8-10 months so people have time to save? Most close friends/family that are likely to come will most likely know already when and have an idea of wheter they are going. Invites maybe 4-6 months out? I am not to good in timing sorry! But you gotta think they need time to book everything and hopefully people book before that even somce usually prices are better not so close to the date.

    How very exciting for this step!!
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