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I am currently unemployed but busy job hunting. Had a phone interview for a music store this morning. Waiting to hear if I get an in person interview. And just set up an interview for Sunday for a full-time nanny position. Both jobs are closer to where my fiance and I plan on living, so the drive will be a bit long for about 6-7 months. (30-40 min) I guess just prayers for wisdom if either of these would be a good fit for me or if God has something better that He shows me. I really need a job soon to start paying down debt. And I also have a few things I want to buy for the wedding/honeymoon.

Feel free to share any other prayer requests you have too.

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Re: Prayer Request

  • Praying for wisdom for you. Remind yourself of James 1:5. It is a promise of wisdom given to those who ask for it :) I could also use some prayer for wisdom. FI and I are car shopping this weekend to replace my old one (it was stolen last week). Thanks :)


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  • Sending prayers and good vibes to you in your job search!! I can relate to you...While FI and I both have a job, I am unhappy and unmotivated here and he is has a very low-paying jobs. Plus there are limited jobs in my rural area. Whenever we get really close to getting something better, it always seems to fall through. It get hard sometimes to remember that He has a plan and everything will all work out :)
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  • Thanks everyone!
    Looks like I will not be getting a call back from the music store. Still uncertain about the nanny position but I have a couple other nanny position leads/interviews this week as well.
    My temp agency had a job that wanted someone to start tomorrow---but I said no cause I had an interview and meeting at church already planned.
    I know God has a plan but sometimes I get frustrated with waiting. Especially as I watch my bank account get smaller....

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  • praying!
    I also have a prayer request about my job. I am not happy and unmotivated but am thankful for the job. I have been told by my boss since November that she wants to move me into the office and out of the school setting I am but feel like I am bring strung along. My group has a big meeting July 29 prior to the school year starting and I am hoping to get some answers at this meeting.
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  • So....I got two rejection letters today..... That and my PMS made me a mess today. But I did have another job interview and applied to a whole bunch of jobs today. At least tomorrow I get to talk to my love and we have our next session of pre-marital counseling on Thursday.
    Guess I'll cling to the Bible verses I read this morning and remind myself God has never let me run out of money.
    I just want to buy my dress, my fiance's birthday present and a few other things soon....

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  • Got to spend a couple hours with my fiance tonight! It was great just cuddling and talking over some stuff.
    Prayers would be appreciated for him tomorrow---he has a big test for work. Then he's coming over for dinner for our counseling session.

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  • I got a temp position that will be full time next week! Hooray for money to pay the bills.
    Applying to a bunch of nanny/babysitting jobs and had one person interested pretty quick.
    Also been applying to a couple colleges nearby and various other places.

    Hope other people are doing well!

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    [Deleted User]flutterfly88[Deleted User]
  • Glad you've got full time work, praying that God will lead you to the job He has planned for you :) And an update on the car situation FI and I bought a 2010 Mazda 3, and are loving it. We had to finance, so my budget ha gotten tighter with that cost and a bigger monthly insurance bill, but we will manage. I just need to work on my terrible spending habits!


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