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a true cake?

I am in love with the idea of cupcakes.   I think they are beautiful when displayed.  With my wedding package I get assorted pastries and chocolate covered strawberries and an ice cream bar on top of a buffet dinner and a HUGE cocktail hour.   I feel like the cake being served is just a waste.  Is it wrong to do cupcake boxes and send them home with guest as a thank you gift?

Re: a true cake?

  • r&c14r&c14 member
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    That idea would be fine. You might offer the option to have them before they left if they ask, but with all the other goodies I think you will be fine. Who wouldn't want a to-go treat!! 
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  • Thank you!   I wanted to make sure it did not sound cheap or strange.
  • Cupcakes are fine I would just make sure there a few different flavors.  Are the cupcakes going to be boxed favors or in case someone wants to take them home instead?  I would definitely make sure there is at least one for each person though. Are the


  • There is more then the expected numbers so my vendors can have some too.  I am ordering boxes from oriental trading.   I was thinking two flavors but maybe I should have a third pick.  I am not sure.    @ Pease
  • I love cake, and I think it's really cute to have them to go, they could have them the next day while telling all about the fun they had. 
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  • Thank you!!  We felt like serving them at the wedding was almost going to be a waste!   I just was not sure if it seemed to strange to do!  lol   @luckystarz
  • I too am going to go with cupcakes, and also cake pops (inside joke with my fiancee and I).  I plan on getting different flavors and arranging them on different tiers somehow.  I am also doing a cookie table with lots of cookies, and candies, and will set up bags or small decorative boxes for people to pack up and bring home with them as one of the favors.
  • Are you from PA?  There is a town here that does that.  I don't recall where it started but they bake thousands of cookies and its a huge tradition in the town for weddings.   I love that idea but with everything else we are doing I can't really add anything more but I really wish I had thought about doing that!!   I hope it turns out wonderfully! 
  • Funny you should ask.  I AM from PA.  It is a tradition here.  It has spun out of control now.  A bunch of our family are making their favorite cookies, and sending me the recipe.  I have decided to make a cookbook per say of all of the different cookies at the wedding.  So instead of doing "favors", we are making a simple cookbook of all of the recipes, and then people can bring the cookies and the recipes home with them
  • cirena166cirena166 member
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    Another vote for cupcakes! We're doing a traditional tier to cut and save, but guests can grab (will not be served) a cupcake as part of the candy buffet. We're doing a total of 5 flavors (1 dozen of each flavor will cover our 50 guests with some left over): chocolate, vanilla, red velvet, Pucker Up (vanilla cake with raspberries and lemon buttercream frosting) and a flavor of The Man's choosing. It will be awesome! We love our baker - after deciding we wanted to get married, the first thing we knew was our baker. http://www.retrobakerylv.com
    We're also doing the cupcake boxes, along with some regular boxes for the rest of the candy buffet.
  • justifyme143justifyme143 member
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    @Rut2014<;3 it!!!   That sounds awesome!!

    @Cirena166, Thank you!  Our package from our venue came with a cake and we talked our baker into agreeing to do cupcakes instead!   We too are doing cupcake boxes.   Dont forget the inserts so they dont get messed up!! Oriental Trading has them at amazing prices in a bunch of colors!! 

  • I think that's a really cute idea. It adds a unique spin to your wedding cake and like another poster said, everyone will love having a treat to-go.
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