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How do I have a wedding post-wedding?

My best friend got married yesterday, Justice of the Peace style.  I'm wanting to help her throw a mini wedding type ceremony, but I don't know where to start.  Does anyone have any ideas?

Re: How do I have a wedding post-wedding?

  • She's already married.  How can she have another ceremony?
  • Thinking a little more on this - maybe she got married at the JP because she and he didn't want a big to do?


    If they're amenable, maybe throw a party in their honor?  I mean, no wedding or reception type stuff - just a party to celebrate?

  • JOP weddings are real and valid.  She's married and doesn't need another ceremony.  

    I agree with Marrin why not find out if they would like a celebratory party in their honor to celebrate their new union. 
  • I agree with the other ladies. Find out if they want a celebration with family and friends. If they do, you should plan only a party and not anything that is similar to a wedding. You can have a dinner, cake, and even dancing if it's a big to-do. However, it's very inappropriate to have another ceremony.


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