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wedding ideas for flowers withthe colors red,black and silver

I have picked my dress. It is a wine red, the  grooms ring is being specially crafted, the invitations are in the shape of a castle, and we have decided to have the wedding at Scarborough Fair in Waxahachie, Texas, on April 26,2014. The favors I have selected are Hershey Kisses with red and silver in little black drawstring bags. The best man will be in black and silver Renaissance attire, the groom will be in red and gold time period attire, My bridesmaid will be in a red, black and silver brocade dress. I am looking for flower ideas using the red,black and silver . I want it to be simple. Please help. 

Re: wedding ideas for flowers withthe colors red,black and silver

  • I have the same colors I am doing red white might do yellow

  • I think that you're a bit past simple and into ornate. If you'd like to keep the flowers simple then just do ivory/white flowers with red/black/silver handle wraps.
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  • Have the florist incorporate black dahlias, cala lillies, regular lilies, and/or orchids. There are a ton of red flowers you can choose to go with them. Then have them wrap the stems in silver ribbon and incorporate some of that silver ribbon into the arrangements. 

  • Have you considered not using flowers? Feathers could be used instead, probably would be alot easier to find in those colors, and ALOT cheaper, then you could keep them forever!
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    For the black, I recommend some black dahlias, black calla lilies, black carnations, and/or black orchids.
    For the red, you could do basically any flower. 
    And for the silver element, either silver cloth or a silver broach on the cloth binding the flowers together and/or those little bead/pearl things that go in the center of some flowers, seen here: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-5oneAQHcWb4/T_3YbUT1CJI/AAAAAAAAYY0/x_sLPqzLAEY/s1600/4.jpg
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