Latrobe Area Venues?

Hey girls! So I'm trying to look at venues closer to latrobe so my guests won't have to drive into Pittsburgh. Any suggestions for the Latrobe, Greensburg, Ligonier area?

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Re: Latrobe Area Venues?

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    I didn't look in person in that area, but I want to say there was a restaurant that was once an old train station that looked like a lot could be done with.  I could be totally wrong and that place might be far from there, but it's worth checking, lol!  HTH
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    Yeah, DiSalvo's Station! I liked it, but it can only hold about 150 :(
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    hey Cali--I see you are a SVC alum (or current student?) I went there as well! Anyways, I was going to suggest a few places for you:

    1. this is the website for the suggestion from PP above of the Old Train station. You probably have heard of it or have been there. It's Di Salvo's Station.



    I'll try and see if I can think of anymore! Good luck!


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    Thanks Nicole! I'm a senior at SVC now, my FI graduated two years ago and attends Akron Law :) Even though I'll be graduated, we LOVE the basilica here and I'm hoping to find a nice place close by. 

    We've had a couple dances at Giannillis ll before but I can't imagine it would be big enough for a wedding. I'll have to go down there this weekend and check it out, the prices look good! 

    I had my heart set on Carnegie Music Hall, but I just can't cope with my parents spending $25,000 on just the venue and having our guests drive that far :( 
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  • yuengling58yuengling58 member
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    Lakeview's food is pretty blah to be honest- my friend was just at a wedding there last week.

    Mountainview reopened so you might want to check that out.

    There are a lot of places if you google "wedding venue latrobe" or "wedding venue greensburg."
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    The Hayloft is somewhere out that way I think.

    There's also Glades Pike WInery out by Seven Springs, if that isn't too far, but i don't know what the capacity is.
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    I went to Hempfield! :)

    FSIL had her wedding three years ago at the Ligonier Country Inn. It was nice and very affordable if you don't mind a more "country" feel. The food was delicious as well.

    You could also try some of the country clubs in the area. There's one in Greensburg and one in Latrobe.

    Have you looked at the Sheraton near Westmoreland mall? We had a high school Christmas dance there.

    Also, it's a little further away, but I know lots of people have had weddings at Chestnut Ridge in Blairsville.

    And one other FSIL is having her reception at Stratigo's in North Huntingdon. We had a prom there and it was a nice space.

    Good luck!!

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