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Young children and Ex spouses

This will be my 2nd and his 1st wedding. Today my 8yr old (from previous marriage) asked me if his dad was invited to the wedding. We are on decent terms, but it is mostly "for the children"
I doubt he would want to go, and I am certain my family would freak, but my son sees everyone getting along and knows that it is a happy event... I have no idea what the etiquette is for this??? And how do I explain this to the 8yr old?

Re: Young children and Ex spouses

  • I think you just tell him the truth.  " Dad and I are friends, yes.  But not every friend is invited to the wedding. Even though we fell out of love a long time ago,  I think it would hurt Dad's feelings to have to watch me in love with someone else.  Weddings are all about love." 

    Some SW brides have invited the xH.  It's not something I would do, but different strokes... ~Donna

  • Donna once again has given great advice. Another way to tell him is that the wedding is for you and FI and you are inviting family and friends that like/love and support you both.  You and Daddy fell out of love and are happier this way. 
  • My 7 year old son asked the same thing and cried when I told him his dad wasn't invited. I then realized how much he needed an explanation so I tried my best by telling him how daddy and I once got married a long time ago and now that I'm doing that with someone else it might make us feel uncomfortable. He seemed to somewhat accept this. I can't believe I never even thought about this becoming an issue but it makes perfect sense for my son to think his father would be invited.
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