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Engagement Party Question

I have been engaged for a little over a month now, and am still on cloud 9!! :)

I've started to ask my MOH's and bridesmaids about being in our wedding. One of my bridesmaids asked if she could throw us an engagement party. Everything I've read on here says I am not to throw my own engagement party. But if I agree to allowing my friend to throw us an engagement party are we (bride/groom) expected to contribute to the party? Sorry for the stupid question..

Re: Engagement Party Question

  • Congrats on your engagement!

    You are correct - you should never throw your own "guest of honor" party (engagement parties, showers, bachelor/bachelorette). These parties are considered unecessary but generous gifts.

    It is perfectly fine to take your bridesmaid up on her gracious offer. If she asked to throw the party, she is acting the hostess, and therefore takes on the financial/planning burden. The only thing you should really contribute to is the guest list - don't add guests, but I'd politely make sure she doesn't invite anyone who will not be eventually invited to the wedding itself.

    Hope that answers your question.

  • It's not a stupid question. And ditto PDKH. Congrats and happy planning!
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