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NYC Marathon Weekend?

Hello brides :)

My fiance and I were planning on getting married this November 2, the day before marathon Sunday here in New York. Lately we've been getting some push-back that it's hard for our out-of-town guests (we have about 12-25) to find affordable hotel rooms and transportation, and for our in-town guests, hard to find parking.  For my New York/Manhattan brides-- have any of you had or been to a wedding over marathon weekend? Was it logistically more difficult? Was it difficult enough to justify moving the date??

(PS-- our wedding is on the Upper East Side and down in Soho, we have family coming in from the West Coast and family in Long Island, and our wedding is on Saturday morning, before any streets close)

thanks for the advice :)

Re: NYC Marathon Weekend?

  • i think if your guests can be in and out before the street closures then transportation and parking shouldn't be an issue. i'm not sure about hotels. its such a lovely time of year, i would go for it. 
  • I don't think street closures should be an issue since you are doing the wedding the day before.  As for parking, that is always difficult in NYC anyway.  You should suggest public transportation.

    I could see hotels being an issue though; tens of thousands of people from around the world stream into NYC for the marathon.
  • I can see hotels being an issue, though I think "Affordable" and "NYC hotel" are not phrases that go together. Maybe look into hotels in West Chester county or North Jersey & offer a shuttle?
  • Im getting married the same weekend and my family had no problem finding Hotels try the outter boroughs 
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