DJ/ Lighting Help?!

I am currently in a bit of a DJ dilemma. I'm currently looking at having Greg McAtee do be my DJ for my upcoming wedding. However, My FI is having a bit of a groomzilla ;) moment! We found out Greg does CD's and Digital copies of music(not a problem in my book), but a slight problem in my fiance he wants to make sure that he has everything.. (Which we would do anyways.) But now my FI is worrying about lighting. Greg does not have lighting, and my FI thinks lighting is necessary.. 

Has anyone used Greg or been to a wedding where he has been the DJ? And is lighting Necessary? Greg said he could get some lights rented but again, is it necessary?

Thanks Girls!
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Re: DJ/ Lighting Help?!

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    just curious, what does your FI want the music format to be? most djs use digital everything now (some use cds still but not many). even the ones that use turntables nowadays are using computers.

    as far as lighiting, you dont really want/need a lot of lighting. just a few little things are plenty. unless you are trying to get a night club feel at your reception. i always keep it simple on weddings because too much lighting takes away (in my theory) from what a wedding reception is.
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