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We had an engagement party a couple of months ago and at a recent fourth of July party I learned that my fiance's octogenarian great aunts are still upset that they were not invited to it.  It was a small party.  Just close family and the bridal party.  Even so that was nearly 45 people.  My father was kind enough to host the party at his house and pay for the food, alcohol, etc.  I didn't want to take advantage of him by inviting too many people and I didn't invite my extended family either.  These aunts will be invited to the wedding, but I've been made to feel bad about this party when I shouldn't.  I didn't do anything wrong.  My fiance says do what I've been doing for 30 years and ignore them, but it's hard.  

What should I do?


Re: Drama

  • Ignore them! You will never make everyone happy and it is pointless to try. Remember this is You and your fiancé's wedding and what you want is what is important. People will always find something to bitch about!
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