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North Carolina-Outer Banks

Budleigh Brides - Liquor licence

I am having a very hard time getting the liquor licence for the Budleigh.  It has now been sent back to us.  Did anyone else have this problem?  How long did it take for you to get the licence?

Re: Budleigh Brides - Liquor licence

  • Hi there!

    I found the process very long and detailed myself!  I was glad to cross that off my list!

    How far along in the process are you? Did you get the actual license in the mail from NC State Dept....is that what you are referencing when you said it was sent back to you?

    Bonnie from Budleigh said that you just keep in on hand the day of your wedding and tape it behind the bar for confirmation.

  • Did you guys do the "Limited special occasion permit?"
  • We are applying for the Limited special occasion permit.  We applyed and it was sent back to us because we didn't provide a background check.  Did you have to do this?  I am not selling the liquor so I am not sure why this is necessary.  I need to call them and get this figured out.  
  • Oh yes...yep, you have to do a background check.  call your local courthouse and they'll let you know what department to visit to get this done.  In Philadelphia, it was the Court of Clerks, I believe.  It cost me $10.00. 


    It is quite the process though for the single day license! You have to get it notarized, get it signed by Budleigh, pay $50 with a certified check, and get the background check done!  It took me a month before I could check it off my list!

  • How long did it take to get it back?  I am running out of time here.
  • Stupid question.. if you have a caterer serving the alcohol, can you use their liquor license?
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  • Its something about the venue.  The caters licence covers them, not the venue.  Since the venue doesn't serve alcohol, they don't have one.  Thus leaving the B&G to have to get their own.
  • I think I got mine back within two weeks...it wasnt too bad!

    When is your wedding, s. cruz?

  • Well that's very frustrating!
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  • Our wedding is September 14th.  We have plenty of time, unfortunately in my county it is not easy to get the background check.  This was my grooms job, needless to say it is now stressing me out because someone waited until the last minute to do it.  I told him we weren't going to have alcohol at the wedding.  Needless to say he got right on top of it.  
  • hahaha...I assigned it to my fiance too, but then as soon as I saw how involved it was, I took that respondsibility away from him :)
  • Is the Budleigh requiring you to get one?  We used Kelly's (they do tons of weddings), and they said their license would cover everything.  I'm not sure if this is maybe a new stipulation by Budleigh, but I don't think it was mentioned when we were married there.  We were only told to get one if we didn't have a licensed server.
    image June 22, 2012
  • Liquor license is in!  Woot woot!  My fiance is able to live to see the wedding! (one of his only jobs)
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