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Song Needed!

My grandparents are celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary on the same day as our wedding. We would like to play a song and dance with them- but we want the song to be meaningful. Any suggest for a good song? We like country and were thinking Love like Crazy by Lee Brice but are looking for suggestions!



Re: Song Needed!

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    How about just letting them dance to their wedding song
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    I would just ask what their first dance song was. I think that'd be lovely.
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    FI's parents are celebrating their 48th anniversary a few days before our wedding, so we're going to play their wedding song. It's much more meaningful to them (and therefore, us) than any song we could pick. If not their song, I'd ask them to pick something they like. You want it to be meaningful to them, right? And if it's meaningful to them, it will be meaningful to you.  
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    I agree that whatever they danced to would be nice. 

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