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inexpensive engagement photography.

Hi everyone, I was wondering if any of you had contact information on inexpensive engagement photography.  Please let me know the price ranges if possible as well.  happy planning and i hope to hear from you all soon!  



Re: inexpensive engagement photography.

  • Hi Jamie,
    My Photographer charged $395 but if you hire them for your wedding it can be included in your package. Email me if you want their info.
  • check groupon ! I am using Ezzy Photography. His work is very nice. 
  • Thanks for all your replies. I especially love the groupon one. However, for some reason his site page isn't loading onto my phone so ill have to check when I get home. If anyone else has some suggestions, I'd love to hear them please keep em rolling! Thanks :)
  • You can try West on Jade Photography:

    She's based in MA, but is often in NYC for shoots so it might work out.  I don't know her rates for engagement photos alone; my friend had them in a wedding package, but the whole package including the engagement photos was about $2500.

    Congrats on your engagement!
  • I am giving my sister a gift of photography engagement package.
    It will cost only $300 with an assistant and props because she is using them for her wedding as well.
  • Check out Vaya Photography - NYC based. Works in NYC, NJ and vicinity.

    Female Photographer. Still new, but nice pictures and very conscious about WHAT THE COUPLE actually wants!

    Facebook: Vaya Photos or Vaya Photography
    If you are going to plug yourself be upfront about it, don't act as if your posting like a happy customer. 
  • I found a groupon for $25 for pictures at JC Penney.
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