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Interfaith Wedding - Catholic/Hindu

Hi, I am Catholic and my fiance is Hindu.  We would like our wedding to incorporate both religions, so we were thinking of doing a traditional Hindu ceremony on Friday evening, and then the Catholic ceremony and reception on Saturday.  I have a couple of questions.  Does anyone have experience/ideas/advice on logistics for this?  Also, does anyone know any Catholic priests in Northern Va that will marry a Catholic and a Hindu?  I have heard that, for Catholic weddings, the ceremony must be held at a Catholic church, so I have a bit of an issue because we are looking at reception venues that are about an hour away from where we live (Arlington, VA).  Assuming we have to take wedding prep classes at the Catholic church, the logistics of this will be difficult (i.e. do we find a local Arlington priest or a priest that is closer to the venue).  Need help!  Just got engaged, so this is all very new to me.

Re: Interfaith Wedding - Catholic/Hindu

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    The Catholic board (under the Cultural Wedding Boards dropdown menu on the right) will have way more information about this and can probably be really helpful, so I'd recommend asking there- there are some real experts on that board.  It's my understanding that you need a dispensation from your bishop to get married in the Catholic church to a non-Christian, and you'd have to talk to your local priest to do so.  (Be aware that you and your FI will be required to promise to raise your children Catholic.)  So, actually, I'd recommend just talking to your priest about all of your questions, as he'll be able to give you more specific details, and help you find a church closer to your venue for your ceremony. 
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    You're definitely going to have to talk to your priest. You absolutely do have to get married in a physical Catholic Church, and you would have to agree to raise your future kids Catholic. Is this something your FI would be on board with?

    Start with talking to your priest. He'll be able to give you the best answers.

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    Yeah - I'd start with talking to your Priest.  That would be the best bet.   I know Catholics are allowed to marry non-Catholics (just cannot have a full Mass)...but I don't know what the criteria and specifics are.
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    While you're talking to you priest, you might want to read up on Hindu ceremonies as well. Your FI needs to be discussing options with his family.
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    If you think that your FI's family will be uncomfortable in a Catholic Church, you can get married in a Catholic ceremony outside of a Church.  You would need a dispensation from the bishop and would still need to have your ceremony held inside of a building.  But as PP said, go talk with your priest first.
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    At my sister's wedding, they had gotten married in a Lutheran church but the Cathloic Priest from groom's church came & blessed the ceremony too. Not sure if that was something unique to that preist or if something they were willing to do because it was still a Christian Faith. They did get their son baptized Catholic without any problems.

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