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Our Vows!

We did them ourselves - what do you guys think?  FYI, he's going to be a physician and I'm in health care too so that's why we put the bit about careers in there...

I make these vows to you before God, to whom I look towards for the strength to keep them.



I will put you above all others; we are our own family now.


I will listen to you, and will be empathetic and honest, sharing all things.


I will not become complacent about our marriage, even after many years.


I will be supportive and understanding when you need to lean on me.  I will be open minded and approachable.  


I will always care for my body and mind.


I will sacrifice for you as you do for me.


I will stay with you when life is hard, and savor it with you when it is not.


I accept your flaws and admire you for who you are.


I will work hard in life for myself and for you but vow to put our marriage before my career.


I will walk through life with you, sharing all of the experiences it will bring.


These are my solemn vows.

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