I Need OPINIONS Knotties!!!

I'm thinking of a "glamping" (glamorous camping) theme wedding reception. Try to picture that .... lol. Anyways, I've had alot of rejection from friends/family about the idea of having a semi-outdoor reception if our wedding date is to be October 4. For fear that the weather will be too cold. Have any of you ever been to an early fall wedding outdoors, whats your take on it?

Re: I Need OPINIONS Knotties!!!

  • I think you'll be fine.  My wedding was on Oct 11, 2009 at The Farmhouse (near Delaware Park).  The ceremony was outside and it was perfect. The temp was about 65 degrees that afternoon.  Just make sure your venue has a back up plan in the case of rain or cold temps. 
  • I really like the idea! And I think October 4th is fine. And I think the weather in early October is nice. It sounds like a wedding I would love to be a guest at. Maybe have a few blankets/quilts  near benches or something if they are around to offer some cosy comfort for your guests if its something that your friends and family are concerned about. It could be really cute to have blankets that go with your color scheme or even some personalized quilts or something. Could be a really cool touch. Just an idea ;) I dont know what your venue is like. But happy planning and have a great wedding!
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