Bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres

I'm getting flowers for the bridal party, parents and their significant others.  Can i skip on flowers for the readers and for those helping in the ceremony with the bread and wine? Can I skip on my cousin who is walking my mom down the aisle because my dad is walking me down? Please comment!!!
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Re: Bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres

  • I'm going to have order a few  more things from the shop doing my flowers, but there are 4 boutonnieres and one bouquet that I'm going to do myself. The ones I'm doing myself will be less expensive (less than $20 total)...just something simple, and more just so they have something and can still feel included.
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  • cool thanks.  comments appreciated! please continue to comment!
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  • I actually have to look at my photos to see if I got corsages for the readers. I think so? But I don't think it's a slight to not get something for these people.

    You could always give them a single stem rose/daisy/whatever flower you are using, or see what the most inexpensive bout/corsage option is.
  • yeah i was reading that people get them gifts and all and i think i will do the flowers after all
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  • Most of the time, anyone who has a "part" in the wedding wears a corsage and/or boutonniere...I don't think you should feel obligated to give them a gift...just being asked to be part in your wedding is a honor in itself.
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